THE Quintessential Lobster Roll is in Amagansett, L.I., N.Y.

 “The Clam Bar at Napeague, smack dab in the middle of Amagansett and Montauk on Montauk Highway is THE NEW HOME OF THE BEST EVER LOBSTER ROLL says me.
When one plunks down $20.00 plus dollars for chunks of lobster, mayo…and in this case, celery with the right crunch…on bread the size of most hot dog rolls, you would expect to walk away both satisfied and smiling. Until today, I’ve never had a lobster rollanywhere that left me with either. Actually, the price at the Clam Bar for this stunningly overstuffed sandwich is $19.50 and quite reasonable compared to any others I’ve had over the years.
There were chunks of lobster in every bite and I do not jest when I say they must have taken meat from a 1.5 lb lobster to fill this baby…no pun intended.
Do you know what flibberty jibbers are?
In the case of a lobster roll, these are the long red triangular tips attached to the white meat in a lobster claw. Argghhhh!
There were none of those, so common in others, in this delectable mix.
Short and sweet. If you are in the Hampton’s this summer, trust me…it’s worth driving the approximate 5-6 miles east of East Hampton for lunch or dinner where you will see “CLAM BAR” on the north, I repeat, north side of the road.>

The Clam Bar address is 2025 Montauk Highway and they can be reached at 631.267.6348. You can pull right up to the tables and chairs on the side of the road for waiter/waitress service (our waitress was Alison) or sit at the bar where a full menu is served at both.

BTW…don’t miss stopping by the new Espo’s Surf & Sport (just west of  the Clam Bar) for surf boards, boogie boards, wet suits, bikes, kayaks, canoes, small boats, skateboards, sunglasses beach equipment, pool toys and, ohhh yes, your own pair of Reefs with the bottle opener embedded (a must have at the beach) into each sole.
Ask for John and tell him Bert the hanger guy sent you.
Enjoy…and please feel free to comment.
Have a safe holiday…and remember the Veterans this fine Memorial Day, 2012.

Mangia Baby

                                                         Absolutely Brilliant Lobster Roll

The Bar 

Clam Bar Menu

Clam Bar Outside Dining

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