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In NYC, Roast Chicken at the Roast Kitchen

Sandy and I enjoyed a wonderful roast chicken dish from a new small NYC chain just 2 years old. We stumbled onto this little restaurant on West 49th Street while in the city to see a show. In the end, it impressed us more than the show (which will go nameless ‘in the dark’) and we thought worthy of an entry into my blog as another phood phind! 
We’ve all seen veggies, including spinach, tossed in front of us with an oil or sauce and then, in most cases, added to a pasta. The concept that struck me, however, was a tossed hot salad…kinda like the pasta bar, however your greens choice takes the place of the pasta

It went down like this:

                             Joshua (right) & Co….Nothing like a smile to make food taste better!

Starting down the line, your choice of greens starts with a blend of lettuces, romaine, kale or spinach. To that you add your choice of  4 vegetables from the salad bar section. If your choice is hot tossed salad, you then choose from the sauces on the list below..

I chose mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, red roasted peppers, corn, broccoli and added the ginger scallion sauce.

If you choice is cold, you choose a dressing and continue down the line the same way and with your choice either farro, jasmine or basmati rice or quinoa.
On the menu, all of the sauces and dressings were coded so you could easily see if they were gluten free, low sodium, sugar free, dairy free or fat free. Nice, huh?

You then finish off your hot or cold salad, should you wish, with a choice of  herbed or spicy chicken, Shio Koji** marinated pork, prime top sirloin, grilled garlic shrimp, or the fish of the day. Creamed spinach or wonderful looking roasted vegetables are also available
Sandy chose to keep it simple with the herbed chicken with a side of basmati rice. Look at that roasted herb chicken! It was just as tender and succulent as it looks in the the picture.

                                                   Roast Kitchen Herbed Roast Chicken

To drink: We had the unsweetened pomegranate green tea which was brilliant! When was the last time you had an unsweetened tea that tasted sweet? Never.
I’m not sure they offered desserts as we had to get over to the theater. Hmmmm?
One more thing…on the evening we were there…happy people making happy food!

  1. **Shio koji (塩麹, 塩糀) is a natural seasoning used to marinate, tenderize, and enhance the umami, or richness (one of the five basic tastes), in foods. It’s made of just a few simple ingredients, salt, water and rice koji.

                                                                   Mangia Baby!
                                                                      Chef Bert

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