Posts made in May 2016

Just Lovin’ the Traditional Burger, Ice Cream & Personality at Sip ‘n Soda in Southampton, L.I. New York


Whether it's food places or places of fun and good times while growing up, one has a tendency to yearn for the nostalgic and what was familiar to you as you as a kid while growing up. I grew up in Great Neck, NY and remember the venerable eating establishments on Middle Neck Road 'in town' like Hamburger Express, with the little choo choo train that whistled around the train tracks and delivered your burger to you. I remember Kreigel's ice cream, cherry Coke, egg creams and its creaky wood floors.

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Memorial Day Potato Salad With Fresh East Norwichian Dill

I'm not the biggest fan of dill...but I love dill pickles and matzoh ball soup with dill. With that thought in mind and because Sandy loves dill (not to mention there are many potato salad recipes with dill), I figured why not put a spin on my version of potato salad (with sweet gherkins and only yellow mustard) and try it with fresh East Norwichian dill**....sans pickles and adding some Dijon mustard to the mix.

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Savour Australia New York Wine Tasting / 2 May 2016 With A Big YUM!



I distinctly remember my first Shiraz experience. It was a bottle of Rosemount Estate back in the late 1990's.What in the world is this wonderful mouth full of big fruity red wine with a (as the Brits say) brilliant finish? Loved it!
So much has happened to Shiraz since then and no matter what people say, you enjoy what you enjoy and Shiraz was the new wine for me for many years to come.

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