Posts made in December 2013

‘Unstuffed’ Stuffed Cabbage Soup

The timing is perfect! This entire first week of the new year 2014 is supposed to be sub freezing in the NYC metro area.
This Friday, January 2nd, the weathermen & women predict a low of 4 degrees fahrenheit and below zero a little bit further up north.
Besides, or in addition to, a blazing fireplace...what better way to keep yourselves warm and cozy but with a nice hot bowl of soup and a loaf of your favorite bread?
In this case, pumpernickel or rye is my choice to accompany this recipe of  Unstuffed Stuffed Cabbage Soup.

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Short & Sweet…The Best Cannoli In The Land

We're in New York. Everything is supposed to be better in New York...right? The great equalizer, however, is relativity...and what does one think is the best? What this means is that there is no real best of anything. It's what you like...and in this case what I feel extremely confident you will like!
That said, you can trust me when I say I have found "The Best Cannoli In The Land" right here on Long Island.

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