When was the last time you traveled anywhere and saw loaves of fresh baked bread being sold on the side of the road?

Anyone recognize the background pic? You will 🙂

Sandy & I had to look twice to make sure this was what we saw. We immediately decided that after we made our stop for my favorite dark chocolate covered marshmallows and her milk chocolate raisin clusters and dark almond bark at the Candyman in Orient that we were gonna stop on the way back and check out this bread stand on the side of the road.

Folks…I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. It simply is never ending what we find out on the ever evolving north fork of Long Island. Either it’s something or some place that Sandy learns about by reading or, in this case, a phind totally by chance at Bill’s Pane-Demic Sourdough Bread Stand in East Marion! Did I say East Marion…again?

Over the years we have found other destinations in this hamlet in the Town of Southold and it truly feels like home with all the places we have found not only here, but all over the entire NOFO. In East Marion, it all started years ago with Serge and Susan’s Lavender By The Bay.

Perfect Time for Lavender By The Bay in East Marion, L.I, N.Y.


Then came Angela’s Garden Fusion/Marion Gardens for Organic Herbs…

Then…most recently… The “Undoing” Beach!

“The Undoing” Find: Coincidences abound in East Marion On The Ever Evolving NOFO

Next up in East Marion and our latest phind…Bill’s Phabulous  PANE-DEMIC Sourdough Bread!

Ok…so we’re on our way back and make a quick (and safe) U-turn. I get out of the car with a $5 bill in my hand ready to try one of his loaves and am greeted with smiles by Bill (The Baker) and, as it turns out, one of his loyal lady customers there to pickup bread she had ordered.

There’s no hard sell here…only bread and smiles. Today, however, Bill is out of his best selling sourdough loaf, but he did have ready to go his cheddar sourdough. Sounded good enough to me and after a few cordial words with Bill and his lady customer…and a pic or two (if it’s food I’m always taking pics for a possible story), we’re on our way home.

After tasting his bread in the car on the way home, Sandy and I both thought this stop was worthy of a new blog entry to share and with more information to come about our new food phind here. Bill’s customers are all by word of mouth or by folks driving by like us…and you can find Bill and his sincerely phabulous bread on Main Road nearby the East Marion Community Chapel (10420 NY-25, East Marion) and only on weekends!

To Bill…

Can’t wait to get back again to experience more of your sourdough bread. See you soon!


As usual…Please feel free us the COMMENT box below. Always love the input from readers!

Mangia bene’

Chef Bert


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