Phood Phind at Ivana’s Pizzeria…ie Pizza Heaven on Arthur Avenue in "The Beautiful Bronx"


It's strictly timing that brought me to try a slice of pizza at Ivana's. As Sandy & I usually do, we spend half of our day at the any time of year beautiful Botanical Gardens, and then find our way over to Arthur Avenue. The route includes a stop at Teitel Brothers for anything Italian, Addeo's Bakery for heavenly bread...and then onto Borgatti's fresh pasta and ravioli shop. In between and on occasion we run into a surprise or two as we did on this trip.

Proud owner Frank (left) Loves his Pizza!

As I'm about to pull out of my very coveted parking space on our way to Borgatti's, Sandy sees a fellow sitting in front of a pizzeria eating cherry ices. "Oooooh, I want the cherry ices that guy is eating". No problem...I had a space and if it involved food of any kind, I'll stop. It's kind of an illness. On my way over across the street, I'm thinking to myself "what other flavors do they have"?
As I entered, my eye is focused on an amazing looking huge pizza pie just coming out of the oven. Are you the kind of person who can tell what something is going to taste like simply by looking at it? Well...I am, and I knew what I was in for. I quickly got Sandy her cherry ices and came back in for a quick slice. They graciously slice it in half so Sandy and I could share it and I proceed to spice it up.
I usually throw on some red crushed pepper, garlic powder and oregano. As I sprinkled what I thought was oregano on my half, I had to question the fellow behind the counter what was in the container...since it didn't look like just oregano. From one of the tables, Frank, the owner proudly exclaims it's pepper, red pepper,oregano,garlic powder and grated parmigiano cheese.
Now how creative is that? I just had to have some...and when I offered to pay, he wouldn't think about taking my money. He just said "Enjoy, it's on me". I went back to the car with my 1/2 slice covered with Ivana's medley of spices and Sandy's 1/2 lightly coated with oregano and a little of the the spice medley. We both agreed...Pizza Heaven and a find worthy of an entry.
I'm still using the blend on my pizza at home and take it with me locally, however I do keep it refrigerated because of the cheese. Short and sweet & Bottom line... If you make it to Arthur Avenue...make it to Ivana's Pizzeria...right across the street from Teitel Brothers. Can't wait to get back there and get re-acquainted.

Mangia Baby!

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