Frank Pepe's Apizza with Sarah, Cathy & Nicole

Sarah…Cathy & Nicole @ Pepe’s in Fairfield, CT.

I went to Quinnipiac College back in the late 1960’s.
I enjoyed burgers at the Fireside and the most memorable Hot Dogs ever at the Glenwood…both in Hamden, a suburb in the area of New Haven, Connecticut where Frank Pepe’s (known as Pepe’s by locals) was founded in 1925.
In my entire time in Connecticut, I never ate at, let alone heard of, Frank Pepe’s Pizza. Crazy! Nuts!
As a matter of fact, I used to wonder why most, if not all the pizza restaurants in Connecticut called their pizza “Apizza”. I thought it may have had something to do with the way the old time Italians would say MeatABall and I wasn’t far off. In this case the dialect for the pronunciation of pizza was “ah-beets”…thus Apizza was born.
My food buddy Jan told me about Frank Pepe’s and their white clam pizza several years ago, however it wasn’t until last year did I actually make it my business to get into one of their restaurants while travelling on I-95 in Fairfield, Connecticut.
“White clam pizza please”!
Their traditional pizza’s are refreshing, especially
in light of all the tradition that is lost on many pizza menus today.
The kitchen is the showstopper. Watching these artisans wielding 15 foot long paddles to place pizza’s deep in their traditional ovens is eye-opening….as are many of their pizza selections.
Since I haven’t had anything but the white clam pizza and the traditional tomato sauce and cheese in my only 3 visits, I can’t speak for how they all taste. These traditional crusts are thin, thus my tendency would be to limit the amount of ingredients, especially those that contain water since they can reduce the crispiness of the crust.
Short and sweet…the service is friendly. Just make sure you time your visit to arrive before or after the normal lunch or dinner time…or you will have a major wait.
If you are in Fairfield, just ask for Sarah, Cathy or Nicole and tell them Bert sent you.

Mangia Baby!

Frank Pepe

Frank Pepe & Family Celebrating

The Ahhhhhh…White Calm Pizza…No Mozzarella

Traditional Tomato Sauce & Mozzarella  

Sausage & Pepperoni

Roasted Red Peppers

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