Traditional EZ to Make…EZ to bake… Florida Style Key Lime Pie with Organic Graham Cracker Crust. YUM!

What I’ve learned from the food shows over the last couple of years is that the demand for healthier ingredients in the foods we eat is fast becoming a way of life. Food manufacturers are responding to this call and making it easier for us to eat healthier.  If we put our minds to it, healthier is out there…but you need to read the list of ingredients on the labels and be able to understand them.
There are soooo many ways to make any dish and call it healthy. In my opinion, it’s all relative what is healthy. The reason for this is because anything you make can always be made healthier if you take the time and effort. In some instances, however, you may have to sacrifice the traditional flavor. All well and good if it makes YOU happy.
Although I am quite well versed in culinary arts, I’m not a baker. I do, however, know what a great Florida style traditional key lime pie should taste like. Thanks to Nellie & Joe from Key West, Florida, here is our favorite!

The “Key” Ingredient

Publix supermarkets in Florida make a wonderful tasting key lime pie as I’m sure do many bakers in southern Florida and all over the USA. I know because I tasted one from Publix that was being served at a party. The problem is that in many of these pies there are no less than 15-20 something ingredients and many of these ingredients, primarily found in the graham cracker pie crust, are simply bad for you. “Nilla” from vanilla wafer fame, “Keebler” and other generic brands were the only choices for me in New York and almost anywhere else for a pre-made pie crust…or…I could make a pie crust out of graham crackers. Since graham crackers for the most part contain the same unhealthy ingredients and artificial flavors, what could I do except stop eating key lime pie.
The ingredients in a can of whipped cream didn’t turn me on either.
So get this…
The other day I was in Stop ‘n Shop supermarket and staring me in the face was an organic 9″ graham cracker pie crust. Woah!

The quest for a healthier can of whipped cream was found just a few minutes later. Thank you Cabot!

Although quite caloric and ‘fattening’, an alternative to a can of whipped cream for total purity is to whip up some of your own with heavy whipping cream and a blender. Perfetto!

Two definitions of relativity…
The traditional 14 oz. can of sweetened condensed milk that is the main ingredient for most key lime pies…although quite sugary, contains only milk and sugar. Nothing artificial. I’ll deal with it.
So folks…Short and Sweet!
Here is a relatively healthy recipe for a brilliant tasting Florida style key lime pie and one that’s quick and very easy to make.

Our New Favorite Key Lime Pie. Cool, huh?
Oh yeah…Almost forgot. The cost…around $7.00

As usual, I would love to hear any comments and/or suggestions below.
Mangia Baby!

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