Short & Sweet…The Best Cannoli In The Land

We're in New York. Everything is supposed to be better in New York...right? The great equalizer, however, is relativity...and what does one think is the best? What this means is that there is no real best of anything. It's what you like...and in this case what I feel extremely confident you will like!
That said, you can trust me when I say I have found "The Best Cannoli In The Land" right here on Long Island.


We know about the venerable and revered cannoli havens in NYC, namely Veniero's on 2nd Avenue and Ferrara's in Little Italy. In the Bronx, there is Delillo's on Arthur Avenue.
In Boston, The Modern Bakery and Mike's Pastry on Hanover St. in the North End (Boston's Little Italy) get kudos for their cannoli...although my hands down favorite in Boston is the cream filled "Lobster Claw" at Mike's.
I'm sure that some of my readers have their favorite baker somewhere in Brooklyn, where the second best cannoli probably live.
I'm not saying all of these places have fabulous cannoli. All you have to do is Google reviews of any of these and you can walk away with a pretty good understanding as to whether or not they live up to their reputations.
Before I announce the Best Cannoli In The Land...let's address what I define as the best.
*I don't like shells that are too crispy since they can crumble.
* They need to have slight crisp texture and a nice bite, yet remain intact.
* The entire cannoli needs to be filled. Invariably, the cream in many instances just simply doesn't make it  makes it through from end to end, thus an almost hollow center exists in many cannoli.
* I also love the little semisweet chocolate bits blended into the cannoli cream.
There is no recipe from me in this entry and I don't think the time will come where I make my own...especially when I can go to the Alpine Pastry Shop in Smithtown, Long Island, New York. Yup folks...plain and simple..."The Best Cannoli In The Land" is at the Alpine.
Chocolate covered or plain? I  gravitate to the plain coated with confectioners sugar, otherwise the chocolate coated ones can obscure the taste of the cannoli cream and compete with the bittersweet chocolate bits I look for.
Bottom me.
They are my definition of the best...and worth the ride from anywhere on Long Island.

They even make MINI cannoli which you can eat by the half dozen!
Closer to home, Matteo's Italian Restaurant in Roslyn, Long Island offers a wonderful dessert of cannoli cream served with biscotti for dipping. If you go to Matteos, recently lauded by Howard Stern, ask for David and tell him Bert sent you.

Mangia Baby!


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