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It’s PEAK HOUR at Meyer’s Farm in Woodbury, L.I., New York, USA!

It wasn’t until Sandy said take a few nice photos of fruits and veggies did It hit me that this entry was long overdue. We’ve been coming to Meyer’s for flowers in spring, and superb produce in summer and fall for almost 30 years. NOW it’s time, or should I say about time, to share with you a phabulous phood phind of fresh locally grown superlative fruits and veggies.

Meyer’s opened in 1922 and for so many years it was fruits and veggies, however over the years they have expanded their product line to include so many categories of food (local cakes, pies,  honey and more) that you will just have to stop in and experience the scene for yourself.

We love the incomparable selection of fresh lettuces…and at $1.50 each, it simply falls in line with their overall extremely fair price structure. You know what they say about Happy People….yes?

How about 50 ears of their own corn for $17.00 huh huh?

Their brilliant selection of potatoes opens your eyes wide….Hmmm…be back with the pic.

Today I saw something I’ve not seen before at Meyer’s Farm. It was a sample platter of sliced heirloom tomatoes layered with fresh mozzarella, red and gold roasted peppers and fresh basil. As well, a tasting of  their tomato crostini. Where have I been? Stephen was kind enough to show the green tomato without the toppings so we could see it through and through. In all my years of tomato growing, I’ve  never tasted a totally green tomato so sweet.

Thanks for my pic Stephen! I’d really like to know a little bit more about that fabulous crostini bread.

Even with all our trips out east to the NOFO (north fork if you don’t know by now), I’ve not experienced this totally green heirloom sweet tomato like I did today with the help of proprietor Stephen Meyer. Live and learn!

Ohhh..and of course…how could I forget? My rai·son d’ê·tre!



The environment is simple and straightforward. You walk in and see food  beautifully displayed with folks eager to help you find whatever you may be seeking,

Keep it up fellas and gals. Our environs would not be the same without YOU!

Hey Peter, sorry I missed ya for this entry. I’ll be back for a phab pic and get you in later. Cool?


As always folks…would love to hear from you in the Comment box below. Tell us about your favorite spots and any particular products you enjoy.

Mangia Bene…

Chef Bert