The 3rd Best Creme Brulee In The USA & The 31st In THE WORLD Has Established Itself With Chef Dave’s Original Recipe At Vincent’s Clam Bar In Carle Place, Long Island, New York!

Once again we find our way back to Vincent’s in Carle Place. This time, however, this iconic restaurant deserves an introduction to those of you who may not be familiar with it’s history that began in 1904 in New York’s Little Italy. Giuseppe and Carmela Siano emigrated from Italy with hopes of creating a better life for their son Vincent. With a love and desire to share their knowledge of how to prepare and serve the food they missed from back home, they began selling seafood from a pushcart on the corners of Mott and Hester Streets in New York City.

People began coming from near and far to sample their calamari, scungilli, shrimps, mussels and clams; all prepared with their soon to be World Famous Mild, Medium, and Hot Sauces. Because of the overwhelming success of their business, they decided to move into the storefront on that same corner naming their new restaurant after their son and The Original Vincent’s Clam Bar was born.

Today that “Old World Tradition” continues at The Original Vincent’s Clam Bar in Carle Place Long Island. From artisan pizzas to an array of salads, pastas, seafood, and Italian specialties, the menu at Vincent’s is as diverse as it is delicious.

One particular new dish where Chef Dave is quite successful in manipulating and finessing his ingredients to surprise his patrons is Snapper Abruzzese. How does this look?

                          Egg Battered Shrimp & Snapper Served In A Light Lemon Butter Sauce With Sauteed Broccoli Rabe, Seared Gnocchi & Red Grape Tomatoes 🙂





One of my favorite’s anytime is steamed calamari…and in the back of my head I simply can’t wait for Chef Dave’s creme brulee dessert 🙂   Hello again Nicolette!


Oversized portions of innovative and creative dishes as well as traditional favorites are prepared in an open kitchen in full view of everyone dining It’s recommended that you leave some room for dessert because the homemade cannoli’s, tiramisu, napoleons, apple pie and Chef David’s own fired table side crème brulee are well worth the wait. 

OK Now…

Are you ready for Chef Dave’s caramelization process? So you are aware, what makes this dessert unique is the process of caramelizing a consistent fine ground sugar topping with a kitchen  blowtorch just before serving. This creates a fine brittle crust on top of the smoooooth chilled custard base and is what defines this truly beloved dessert!


So now let me now introduce or should I say re-introduce you to Vincent’s Executive Chef Dave and the most  Gracious proprietor Bobby who are both happy to make sure their culinary delights keep you coming back again and again.  

On this particular day I walked in for lunch (of course Dino is singing That’s Amore’ in the background) and to pick up from Chef Dave his quite famous homemade ‘hybrid’ cheescakes and was pleasantly surprised to see Bobby. I’m definately feeling quite welcome again with his gracious demeanor, and before he got too busy I just had to get us together for another selfie. Like it?

Bert with the ultimate host & proprietor Bobby & Chef Dave

Another look at Chef Dave,,,and the ‘world’s best hybrid cheesecake’ derived together in Chef Dave’s Culinary Kitchen with the late great American actor and comedian Dom DeLuise.

Carmine’s NYC Executive Chef Dave’s Famous Cheesecake, Emma’s Butter Cookies & A Quick Stop to See Ronnie @ Ben’s


Click the link below (seen in red) for a look at one of my past visits to Vincents with Bobby and a surprise visit from a Soprano!  What the ?


I have to say I was quite happy to see that Vincent’s was alive and well on Long Island and I now make it in as often as I can. Trust me when I say lunch is quite impressive for the price. In many restaurants, lunch specials are lower in cost because the portions are smaller. Not here. Lunch portions are still big enough for two and by most people’s definition…huge!
One recent afternoon while sitting in my usual spot at the food bar, a fellow with a familiar face walks up to me and says with a smile “you’re sitting in my seat” (there’s actually a small brass plate with his name on it where I was sitting). For a split second, I felt like Charles Grodin lying on a beautiful beach in Miami enjoying some afternoon sun  in the 1972 movie “The Heartbreak Kid”, when Cybill Shepherd approaches him and says “You’re on my spot”. 
It happened to be Joe Gannascoli from the Soprano’s TV series at Vincent’s celebrating the release, and signing copies, of his new book “A Meal to Die For”. Of course I bought the book!


OK…so without further ado…let’s move onto the main attraction for this particuar entry as expressed by www.tasteatlas.coma global food website espousing the virtues of the best food anywhere in the world?


How about I show you right here…






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