Another Wonderful ‘Agritainment’ Day of Phoodographs, Finds & Sincerely Nice People From Houston Street to Bleeker Street, New York City

Hellooooo Everybody....
My personal food continuum continues...
From 'agritainment' on the North Fork seeking food and wine at their sources cooking going to great food stores and restaurants...I love it all every step of the way from seeds to stomach.


Today I phound some wonderful shops, eateries and sincerely nice people in my travels along Houston and Bleeker Streets in the Big Apple.

My 9-5 was to start off in Soho and phinish up in the meatpacking district. In between, the experiences were worth the collective entry you are about to enjoy.



The Cone Zone

It all started with the Boston based Emack & Bolio's "Ice Cream for the Connoisseur" on Houston St.

The day was hot and I needed something cool and refreshing. It was their Iced Coffee that did it for me...not to mention the famous "Oreo Original" no trans-fat Ice Cream. Wow...and a big thank you to Paula and her smile for the tour. Just one of many all day long. You shoulda been there with me.

Continuing west on Houston Street, the next thing that catches my eye is a menu in front of Pizza Mezzaluna with a 7" personal pizza for $5. That was for me. In I go and the fun begins with two ladies from Chicago having a great time in NYC and raving about a wine tour they took in Paris. Paula (one of the Chicagoans) sent me an email with a list of the vineyards (Anybody want the list, just ask me below in the comment box).


My waitress, Adriana was chock full o personality as we all were discussing restaurants we enjoyed in and around the city and Brooklyn. Even Marcos, the chef,  was gracious enough to come out from the kitchen to take a picture. I love this job! Speaking of jobs...Love 'em and they're not work.
I really hated to leave...however I didn't walk 5 seconds out of  Mezzaluna before I came to New York City's version of Borgatti's of the Bronx...

Raffetto's Fresh Pasta & Ravioli. I just had to go in...and I'm glad I did.


Raffetto's Pasta Menu
100 Year Old Pasta Cutting Machine


Inside I met another lovely soul by the name of Jude. It wasn't hard sell, and when I asked what was her favorite pasta, without skipping a beat...she said "rosemary"! A quick taste and I was sold. I even bought some for my buddy Lew Falzon of Theory fame.
FYI...Jude also writes a food column for the Catskill Chronicle. Just go to www.the and look for "Tales From the Scrawny Gourmet"
Mangia Jude!

The next thing that caught my eye as I was cruising down Bleeker Street over to Gansevoort was a cool looking Italian restaurant by the name of Trattoria Spaghetto. I just loved the name and the look of the place and had to stop and take a picture. At that same moment, a hear a voice next to me asking if the restaurant is famous. I guess since I was taking a picture, one might think the location had a history to it...but I explained to the next sincerely nice person I had the pleasure to meet today that it was simply the look that caught my eye.
She seemed genuinely interested, so I couldn't help but tout the virtues of Roio's traditional pizza just up the street and took from her some direction in finding a good gluten free pizza restaurant just up Bleeker St..
Well, Perry Lambert from the UK, the only pizza restaurant I saw was Johns...and I'm not sure that's the one you meant.
So...when you read this, please let me know if it was John's or help me out with the name I may have missed. If I ever get to Trattoria Spaghetto (the restaurant in the pic) and something in there is worth writing about, the only way you'll know is by staying posted to phoodographs...
Safe flying...say Hey to Cheltenham...and please keep in touch!

It's not over. Almost to Gansevoort in the meatpacking district and I look up to see Tortilla Flats on Washington Street.
If you've never heard of this restaurant, you are missing out on some exciting Mexican food and a 'Fun'tastic' bar.
Back in the early 1980's my second baseman in the GCSL, Barry Secular, decided to open up this restaurant. His brother Andy now presides over the Flats and I just had to stop in and reminisce.
Thanks Andy for your usual fine reception...part of your success formula I'm sure.

Well folks...that's it for today.
Please feel free to comment below...and Have a Fab Summer!
Mangia Baby!

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