BetsaPasta’s Arthur Avenue Inspired Veggie Hero, Sub, Hoagie Creation…Yum City!

As much as I love my Arthur Avenue Teitel Brothers ‘deli’ in “The Beautiful Bronx” for most of my Italian delicacies, I have to confess that my go to source for fresh mozzarella cheese happens to be just down the street at Casa Della Mozzarella.

Photo of Casa Della Mozzarella Italian Deli - Bronx, NY, United States

They specialize in serving New York City with the best Mozzarella rated by Zagat for over a decade with phrases such as  “The Best Mozzarella This Side of The Atlantic” and “The best Mozzarella In NYC, No Questions Asked”.

Short and sweet…it’s true!

BetsaPasta’s  new veggie Italian hero, sub, hoagie!

-Fresh baked bread…preferably made with unbromated flour

-Sliced grilled baby artichoke hearts with stems (Teitel Brothers)

-Casa Della fresh mozzarella

-Red roasted peppers marinated in olive oil and garlic (Teitel Brothers)

-Banana peppers ( readily available almost anywhere)

-Sprinkle of dried oregano, dash of Kosher salt and ground pepper

-Blend of EVOO*, red wine vinegar, white balsamic vinegar and Manodori balsamic (Manodori is my choice for balsamic vinegar, however use what you are happy with). 2.5 Tbsp EVOO, 1 tsp. each vinegar. Whisk with oregano, salt and pepper.

Note: You can mix and blend your favorite oils and vinegar’s since we all have our own tastes and, of course, it’s all subjective, As well, red roasted peppers are readily available in many gourmet markets

One thing I will tell you. Depending on your timing…

Lucky day…

Unlucky Day is when the line can be out the door and down the block…but you can always get a phab slice of Full Moon Pizza while you’re waiting at the end of the line 🙂


Seen in “Blog Entries”  December 15th, 2013

Hey Hey Ralphie…How ‘Bout A Slice O Full Moon And Some Cannoli?

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