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Welcome Back To Braun’s Kitchen In Cutchogue, L.I., New York Featuring The New Menu Of Executive Chef Michael!

Let me start by saying it was first Executive Chef Michael’s crab cakes that we loved that drew us back to the Braun Kitchen.  Although now, I must say as we experience the dishes off his new menu…it’s not only the crabcakes that will keep bringing us back!

Most recently, I experienced the best roasted brussel sprouts ever! His crab cakes and brussel sprouts will take you to Idiom City!  And…with this new menu, you can be sure the visits will be on a more regular basis…whether take-out or in!

As I’ve always said about The North Fork & Long Island’s wine country starting back in the 1980’s when we first started to visit on a regular basis…It is ever-evolving. Every time Sandy & I think we had/have seen it all, something new in the world of food, wine or nature came/comes into play. Some of the destinations we’ve enjoyed and that I have written about over the years out here on the North Fork have gone away or changed ownership. Luce Hawkins (the name given to the restaurant at Jedediah Hawkins Inn in Jamesport for the Chef Keith Luce), The Jamesport Manor Inn and now the new chef and menu here at Brauns Kitchen that gives me the opportunity to continue to write about the…again…ever-evolving NOFO!.


Gone…but certainly not forgotten!

The Jamesport Manor Inn on the NOFO of Long Island, New York…Quite Special!


That said, it gives me great pleasure to bring you back to the new Braun’s Kitchen with Executive Chef Michael and his new menu!

“Hello folks…and welcome to my new home!

Before Braun…I started off at The Suffolk Culinary Arts program and then went on to learn quite a bit from the owners Joe and George  at The Sea Cove Restaurant in Center Moriches for the next two years, I then went on to work with the owners Jerry & Jerry Jr. at The Mermaid in Riverhead and at the pictueresque waterfront Cowfish Restaurant in Hampton Bays. Today, I still keep in touch with all my fellow food connoisseurs that I so much enjoyed working with over the years since we shared so many good food times together!”

Now…before I show you some of the new dishes on the menu… I have to introduce you to four new fans of the Braun’s Kitchen. It just so happens, by chance, when I was interviewing Executive Chef Michael for this blog entry, these fellas pictured below (Michael, Patrick, Kyle and Cole left to right) happened to have just taken a 45 minute drive from Shoreham, L.I. to come to Braun’s Kitchen at the recommendation of their history school teacher Mr. Mitchinson because they love driving around trying new food places. They were told they had to come here because the fried cod was delicious. Simple enough, yes?

In their words, “We are all so glad we came because the food was phenomenal” and they couldn’t “wait to tell Mr. Mitchinson all about their culinary experience!”

Hey everyone…Meet The Braun Fans Four…Michael, Patrick, Kyle & Cole! You know what they say about happy people…yes? Thanks again fellas for wanting to be a part of this review!

I must also introduce you to Executive Chef Michael’s most enthusiastic fellow foodies who help him help you to enjoy the dishes they create for your next foodgasm. Yes…There IS such a word 🙂 *****

Folks…meet another happy face… fry, saute’ & grill cook…Analis!

…and moving on: Meet fry cook & food runner,Luke…Food runner, gracious hostess at the counter and more, Stephanie…Hello again Analis…and PHAB Sous Chef Edy!


Toasted Almond Cake anyone?


NOW…Here a some of the dishes created by Executive Chef Michael from his new menu at The Braun Kitchen!

Filet of Lemon Cod Francese’ (prepared with capers upon request) over pastaaaaah!

Fried Calamari the Braun Fans Four thought was the best they ever had!

A quite popular Fried Flounder Sandwich

One of Executive Chef Michael’s latest addition to his new menu…A Shrimp Roll…served with French fries!


Wow! Grilled Salmon Filet with Roasted Brussel Sprouts & Sweet Potatoes

Creole Style Buffalo Shrimp


Next up…and new!  Wha? An Angus Beef Burger at Braun’s Seafood?  YUP!…

Looks wonderful…but until I have one I’ll have to hold off. Update forthcoming soon!

OK folks…Got the burger this evening (3,29.24), but I’m afraid if I say out loud here that it was excellent…the place might get too crowded and they’ll be out of inventory the next time we go in.

Seriously!  At the risk of the crowds we may have to work around, we have no choice but to categorize the BRAUN BURGER as “EXCELLENT”! Way to go Chef!!

BTW folks…A more healthful ketchup that is served by Chef Michael at Braun Kitchen has NO High Fructose Corn Syrup!  When was the last time you saw that?

Check it out…

Crab Cakes! Oops…did I show these already? Sorry…can’t help it 🙂



Okay Folks…are you ready to meet the superstars at our favorite seafood destination? Namely, The Braun Seafood Company Fish Market with the arrow in the pic pointing left!


A sincere smile that exudes happiness! You know what they say about happy people…Yes?


Look at those Braun Lobsters!

Ohhhhh…such sweet Lobster too!

And for dessert…

My Cutchogian Sweet Dream and Fish Queen Cathy scores BIG with her literal Sweet Dream rice pudding…Yes…rice pudding!

Here’s there website if you would like more information about Braun Seafood & Kitchen…


Well…that’s about it for now. Hope you enjoyed the read!

*****Foodgasm is a neologism that indicates a pleasurable and euphoric feeling of satisfaction that occurs during the consumption of particularly amazing and delicious foods: this pleasure is sometimes accompanied by vocal noises and a variety of facial expressions.Wikipedia

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