Posts made in February 2017

Vino 2017 Grand Tasting of Extraordinary Italian Wines…ie…Vino 2017 Grand Tasting di Straordinari Vini Italiani

I attended the Vino 2017 Grand Tasting wine event with 95 exhibitors in NYC a few weeks ago and would like to feature some of the wines I found truly ‘extraordinary’. One of those is a wine called “Friulano”.
Friulano, formerly known as Tocai Fiulano, is a white grape variety of Fruili-Venezia Giulia.
Although Fruili has a well regarded reputation for producing white wines from other varietals, it is the Friulano grape that is by far the most important to the region. Continue reading

The Best Chinese Spareribs Reside at The Happy Garden in Oyster Bay,N.Y.

When I was a little guy growing up in Los Angeles, I used to sneak over to the local Chinese restaurant after school and before I went home for dinner. The reason: An order of Chinese spareribs for $1.15. Yup…memorable to this day was Hoi Ping’s spareribs on Olympic Boulevard in Beverly Hills. That was almost 60 years ago and that taste was brought back to life right here in Oyster Bay, New York at the Happy Garden Chinese Restaurant. Continue reading