A Phabulous Inspirational FIND…"I Am Jewish" by Andrew Lustig

I'm going to do something I haven't done since creating phoodographsandfinds in 2010. For this special entry, I'm veering off the food road and onto a road less traveled.
Inspiration comes in many forms...and one of the things I have found by writing a blog, besides wanting to share my food experiences and recipes, is that you never know who you are going to inspire.
An example:
My friend Freddy G from Syosset and Montauk in New York is a story teller extraordinaire. Every time, yes EVERY (a word I don't use without carefully thinking about it first) time he tells a story, I and any others sitting with us, wind up grinning from ear to ear. It's kind of s stretch on "it's not what you say, but they way you say it". I'm constantly suggesting to him, "Freddy, you've got to write a blog...you never know who you are going to inspire"! My favorite story was when his pilot father took him up in his airplane as a kid to teach him the ins and outs of flying.
Whether it's his imitations, animations or hand gestures, time goes so fast, the Long Island Railroad gets us into NYC from Syosset, L.I., N.Y  before we know it. Of course it may have a little bit to do with the food recipes we also discuss along the way. His stories inspire me enough that I seem to be constantly trying to impress upon him how he can inspire others with his great storytelling. Not only that, it would part of his Freddy G. legacy. Maybe one day he'll acquiesce and we'll all have a book of short stories from a fine storyteller.
Getting back to inspiration.
Usually, a 'find' on my blog is a restaurant, a destination or some fine ingredient I have found perusing the food shows.
Last night on Long Island, at a surprise birthday party for his dad, Joel, I received formal permission from Andrew to enter this wonderful (some call "iconic") video into my blog.
The category: "Finds".
It won't be necessary to expound on the virtues of this video and it's meaning. It speaks for itself. When I first viewed "What It Means To Be A Jew" (the actual title)...it was like "Wow...really well done dude"!
It truly inspires and travels way beyond that overused word "awesome".
It's brilliant!
A true find.

Now...A simple preparation...
Sit back and relax for just under 6 uninterrupted minutes. We know you will enjoy this as much as we did. Maybe it will inspire you enough to share it with others.
You are about to enter Goosebump City!

Hey Andrew...Thanks for the invite to get together when I get to Los Angeles. I get there...you will see me.
In the meanwhile...Another form of  inspiration from me to you...Get to DuPars for Pancakes!
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Mangia Baby,

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2 thoughts on "A Phabulous Inspirational FIND…"I Am Jewish" by Andrew Lustig"

Diana Wood says:

I love your blogs always, but you are right this is brillant! Enjoyed it very much,,,

Joyce Broser says:

Thoroughly enjoyed – very well done! Thanks for sharing!

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