The Best Chinese Spareribs Reside at The Happy Garden in Oyster Bay,N.Y.

When I was a little guy growing up in Los Angeles, I used to sneak over to the local Chinese restaurant after school and before I went home for dinner. The reason: An order of Chinese spareribs for $1.15. Yup…memorable to this day was Hoi Ping’s spareribs on Olympic Boulevard in Beverly Hills. That was almost 60 years ago and that taste was brought back to life right here in Oyster Bay, New York at the Happy Garden Chinese Restaurant.
As you can see it says “Take-Out” on the sign in front, however there are a couple of tables for 4 awaiting if you want to grab a few on your way home from school.

Someway…somehow…the food flavors I experienced as a kid stuck with me and when I find these flavors in my travels, I feel compelled to write about them.
I might add that they are all especially satisfying when they are right in your own back yard, so to speak.
The Happy Garden in downtown Oyster Bay is such a place. Beyond the flavor I’ve been looking for all these years, the meat on these bones is tender and there is plenty of it. Just ask my buddy Randy W. on Facebook. I mentioned an upcoming story featuring the best Chinese spareribs and he knew the place before this was published with 7 !!!!!!! marks.

All you have to do is call Frances and tell her Bert and Randy sent you and your in for the sparerib treat of your life. What the heck…you’ll get them anyway with or without the call!

Hostess with the Mostess Frances with Jenny

Her daughter Jenny was there the evening we ordered dinner and was good enough to pose with her mom to make the spareribs look even better…if that’s possible.

Thank you Jenny and thank you Frances for your consistency over the years.

See you again soon!

Oh yes…one more thing…
There’s another flavor of the past that awaits at Panera Bread. Do you know what is a “bear claw”? It a pastry filled with almond paste that brings back the taste of  the DuPars Pancake House bear claw in L.A, CA

As always, love the comments just below. It’s more fun not to by shy!

Mangia Baby!

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