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Doc Ford’s Rum Bar & Grille…Another Restaurant Favorite Of Ours On Sanibel Island, Florida…And Back After Hurricane Ian!

It was truly heartening to see our Mucky Duck English Pub back in action again on our latest trip to Captiva. Another restaurant favorite of ours was Doc Ford’s at the South Seas Resort…however they were not quite as fortunate when it came to Hurricane Ian’s forces. They were gone  and not until we were half way through our visit did we discover totally by accident as we see it on the side of the road that Doc Ford’s had rebuilt in Sanibel around the area where we actually first experienced them 12 years earlier in 2012!

Saying YES in Sanibel & Captiva, Florida

OK…so we went right in and were greeted by a host of gracious (I can’t say workers cos they seemed to be loving what they were doing…and when you love what you are doing…it’s not work) restauranteurs starting with Hostess Natalie. Such sincere grace! Pictured with her and below is/was our garcon, Chris.

Once again folks…you know what they say about Happy People, Hostesses and Garcons!

Hello to Flavio!

As I said, we have our favorite dishes in the different restaurants and I couldn’t wait to taste again what I first experienced on my first visit a dozen years earlier.

It was their Lime Panko Crusted Seared & Baked Fish Sandwich served with a side of rice & beans and slaw. And…as in 2012…with my side of their deliciouso pinapple salsa! See the photo of this dish in the above attached link  “Saying Yes In Sanibel @ Captiva, Florida”.  Yup…it was the same 🙂

Gotta show ya the pinapple salsa up close…

Sandy ordered a wonderful “Tropical” salad which we have to say we don’t remember…but was sumptuous enough to come back and have it again on our way off the island heading home.

On another visit I fell in love with…


Say Hey Paula!



The history behind Doc Fords is in the link I wrote above in 2012. Check it out and I think you’ll appreciate this restaurant not only for the wonderful dishes they offer…but the story behind their existence.

That’s about it folks. Please feel free to comment or even add to what I have written if you wish…in the Comment Box just below!

Mangia bene’

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The ‘Lucky’ Mucky Duck English Pub on Captiva Island, Florida, USA!

Welcome to Captiva this year 2024 and we look forward to your come back!


Now…more than ever…Love is in the air as the islands start to come back!

It was a true miracle to see how one of our favorite restaurants survived the force of Hurricane Ian in September of 2022. Of course survival is relative. Our Mucky Duck lucked out big time compared to the devastation to so many communities in southwest Florida and especially to the islands of Sanibel and Captiva.

According toCoastal Conservatory, a family-run website dedicated to sharing the beauty and goodness of living in Southwest Florida…”What a miracle The Mucky Duck survived. Lots and lots of sand, but not one shingle was lost on their roof!”

Mucky Duck Hurricane Ian

We first experienced the magic of the Sanibel & Captiva islands on the west coast of Florida in 2012. We loved the South Seas resort on Captiva and vacationed there until we decided to buy a timeshare in 2017 for the month of January.

Another reason…all the wonderful restaurants and stories I could write about on Captiva and Sanibel!

Our go to for a burger anytime…and of course… a beautiful sunset at dinner time was the Mucky Duck. To see their live BeachCam just click their link here


Sandy and I each had our favorite dishes at so many other restaurants, so writing about and sharing my/our food experiences over the years here was also a perfect fit for my blog.  I’m thinking now about why I never wrote about the Mucky Duck and the only thought I can can come up with is that they were always sooo busy I was not able to establish the kind of relationship I liked to have with the folks inside that  I/we were able to create this year since many of the  locals and tourists are not quite back yet because of Hurricane Ian. Thus…much less crowding made it easier to talk to everyone.

That said…let me now introduce you to all the gracious folks inside who made our visits this year enjoyable each time we visited.

You know what they say about happy people…yes:):):)

Meet Lori…ie…”LC”. Just like in a true ‘English Pub”, she greets you with your favorite draught…and a 🙂 !

Meet Katelyn & Jessi…more smiles and pride in their Mucky Duck apparel!

Such personalities make coming in to order dinner, for our table on the sandy beach, fun!  Now…meet Bob & Dan!!

Okeedokee…so moving onto the menu. There really are so many wonderful dishes here, however I only write about what we order and enjoy. That said, here are our faves!

Hands down…one of the best burgers anywhere!

Grilled Chicken

Phab Chili!

I have to let you know that we had not been to our place in  Captiva in 4 years becuse of Covid and Hurricane Ian. It had to be timing for us to first come back to the Mucky Duck when  Sunset Tunes solo artist Peter Redpath was performing his country, folk and rock music with a focus on melody and story telling. Sincerely Love Love Loved!!

Ok folks…say “Hey” to Peter @

Goodness…both literally and figuratively… I almost forgot! After checking the menu for dessert and at the recommentation of Lori…we couldn’t resist the creme brulee. So… to Lori, Bob, Dan, Jessi,  Katelyn and Peter…Sandy & I say Thank you all for your fine reception this year and for sure we are in each other’s future!


OK folks…

Hope you enjoyed the read. We’ll see you again next year and we hope, wish and pray for much success in bringing the islands of Sanibel & Captiva back!


Please feel free to comment in the “comment” box. Would love to hear from you!!

Chef Bert

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