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Linda's Hatfield Hot Dog Hot Spot @ Exit 70 off the Long Island Expressway

Hi Folks…ALERT…just found!
It’s not just another hot dog stand. Linda (pictured above) is the friendly face of Hatfield’s famous Philadelphia hot dogs on Long Island. Remember Grace’s hot dog stand nearly on the same spot just south of exit 70 on the L.I.E?
Remember how they used to snap when you took a bite out of them? And the flavor!

Well…Hatfields, although not exactly the same, are the closest thing to Grace’s you will find and is now my favorite hot dog. Yes, favorite!
 Since most everyone I know hits the Ham-tones in the summer via Exit 70, this is the place to stop for the best hot dog since Graces graced us…not to mention Linda’s lobster roll, which is served properly chilled on a mini baguette and for $12 bucks ranks as one of the best values on Long Island for such a delicacy.
So you don’t have to worry about dripping mustard or saurkraut all over, there are nicely shaded tables with Hatfield’s unbrellas (wish I could get one for the beach), or you can sit underneath the gazebo.
 Ohhh yeah…my standard tip with any hot dog…always remember to ask for the saurkraut water to be tapped off so it doesn’t soggy the bun. She does it anyway, but it’s always worth mentioning.
So you know exactly where Linda’s truck is…
Get off the L.I.E. @ exit 70, head south for less than 1/4 mile and you will see it standing proudly on the left side of the road…or, of course…on the right side of the road less than 1/4 mile from the entrance of the L.I.E. on the way home.
No matter which way you are headed, it’s worth the stop ( 3 Hatfiled dogs, soda, chips and a cookie for
$6.50?)! If you simply want to TRY one hot dog for two, Linda will cut it in half and dress them separately.

Now that’s love!

Berts comment:
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