Short Cake & Sweet Strawberry Fields in NOFO

"Hello again...
here's my best to you...
are your skies all grey...
I hope they're blue"...
Herb Oscar Anderson, 1960's DJ Theme Song
Couldn't help my selfie. While we're on the subject of selfies, a word my wife Sandy created (really) several years ago when she nick-named the one wine glass I bought in Crate & Barrel the "selfie glass", check out this one.

Bert's Berries
It's Father's Day, there's no humidity, the sun is bright and shiny and I have my health.
What better kind of day do you need to go picking your own strawberries?

One Big Fat Strawberry
The season is a bit late 'cos of, what else, the winter weather. Otherwise, by now, the peak strawberry picking is about over. You still have about another two weeks left...and peak IS now!
If  you've never been strawberry picking, there are lots of fields all over Long Island. For us it was picking with Dawn at the Fritz Lewin Farm in Calverton and Patty's ( for already picked.

Dawn @ Fritz Lewin

There's not much of a price difference. Prices will vary between 4.50 to 7.00 per quart depending where you
buy and whether or not they have been picked for you already. It's not, however, the dollar or so difference one should be thinking about, it's the picking experience you must try at least once in your life as I did just the other day. That's right, I never went berry picking and I think this year I'll go for blueberries for the very first time over at Patty's (NOFO) Berries and Bunches. Can't wait!
Once again folks, the north fork of Long Island comes alive. This blog is peppered with many NOFO day trip destinations and a few restaurants we enjoy when visiting.
As you know, this is a destination for Long Island wines and whos' to say which vineyards are great. It's very simply subjective and your taste buds will tell the story.
I will, however, throw in a little plug for our go to vineyard, for some very good wines at a fair price.While your there, let Mrs. Pugliese personalize your bottle with a hand-painted message.

Mr.& Mrs. Pugliese @  

Well...that's about it for now. Sandy and I are gonna get together for the day with Alison, Mark, Izzy, Lindsay, David, Emma, Dandude, Bendude, Orly and Julia.

Guess what's for dessert?

Emma's Strawberry Short Cake in It's Simplest Form

Terry wanted to know "where's the whipped cream"?

Benji ate it!

Enjoy your Father's Day everyone and get those berries before they are all gone.

sp;                                                 Mangia Baby!

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