Ikibana Paralelo, Barcelona, Spain/Japanese & Brazilian Fusion

A friend of mine tells me he is traveling to Barcelona, Spain with his family. When it comes to me and food, all I want to know is what restaurant they enjoyed and would he take any pics of his favorite dishes. Short and Sweet: He comes back to tell me about the best sushi he ever ate. Now…as we all know and I’ve said before, everything about food in any restaurant is subjective. So why would I write about a food experience someone else had when everything I’ve ever written about has been what my wife Sandy and I have eaten and enjoyed? Maybe it was his enthusiasm. Maybe when someone says it was the best they ever ate, I could take the opportunity to share it with you.

So folks, that’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna share a rave review about the sushi at Ikibana Restaurant in Barcelona, Spain and back it up with one picture taken by my foodie friend Jack.

Thank you Jack for the pic and for your vivacity and eagerness to share. Looks phab to me, and if anyone is traveling to Barcelona, you now have a restaurant where you can enjoy what you see right here.

Master Chef Contestant Is Top Shelf Foodie / Long Island Weekly November 2-8, 2016

And as seen in the above article:  “While newspaper reviews help plant the seed for where Spitz will be taking his palate, word-of-mouth from friends whose food tastes he respects are far more important. It also fits with Spitz’s desire to share the discoveries he’s made during his travels in the most glass half-full kind of way.”


As always…we look forward to your comments, suggestions or any input you may have.

Mangia bene’

Chef Bert

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