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Sandy doesn't have to convince me to go to the yearly Philadelphia Flower Show. I really like the displays and it smells nice...especially in Spring. Kinda primes you for the warmth coming. The last time we went together, the theme was Britain. Ahhh, glorious England! The Beatles were even represented. As the show mug stated, "BRILLIANT"!

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Each year the theme is different and captivating for what is touted to be the best flower show in the land with its huge colorful displays. This year's theme was "Explore America", a celebration of our historic  National Parks.We particularly enjoyed the Redwoods exhibit for this show and I actually left wondering how I was going to make a table out of a cross section of one of those magnificent trees for this summer. Check out some of these pics! 
                                                            The Liberty Bell
The Redwoods
Oh yeah...and sponsored by Su-ba-rooooooo
Next up...and part of the reason why I love this flower show so much!
Dinner Time!
Now that we've covered the flower show, I have to wonder out loud why in the world do we not have a food oasis like this in New York.
We have the best of everything (one exception*) all over the place, however all in one place like this is something that is worthy of a a blog entry as a true find.
Right across from the flower show on Chestnut Street exists, in my opinion, the most exciting food court I have ever seen. It's the Reading Terminal Market.
All of these food selections are subject to one's own interpretation as to what is good and good for you...however there are so many food choices here in every category that there  has to be more than one something for everyone.
Hands down, our favorites were the absolutely phenomenal beef pastrami sandwich from Herschel's East Side.
I grew up in the heyday of the Stage Deli in NYC and still love the Carnegie Deli right down the street from where the Stage used to be. Most folks would consider the sandwiches at the Carnegie to be the gold standard by which all others are gauged. That is, until you taste the pastrami at Herschel's in Philadelphia.
How do they do it?  I met the owner Steve (last name withheld), who just happens to be part of the family that owns Katz's Deli in NYC.
No surprise anymore.
What you also have to consider is that the cost of his sandwiches are $10.88 or almost 1/2 of what they are in NYC at Katz's or Carnegie.
That' right...anywhere!
(This IS the one exception*)
Nuff said Steve. Thanks for a great sandwich and a truly happy staff.
You know what they say about a happy staff, don't you?
Herschel's Pastrami Sandwich







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Muffalettas too!




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The crowd
Next up: Another favorite and a definite stop for a fresh sliced turkey with stuffing, cranberry sauce and gravy on sourdough at The Original Turkey! I missed my personal pic time.
There really is sooo much more turkey on this sandwich...
The Original Turkey - Philadelphia, PA, United States. The BEST customer service!
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Want more?
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Well...that's about it folks. The pics I took best represented what Sandy and I would have liked to eat...however that will have to be over the next visit or ten.
There was soooo much more...Bar-B-Q...more bakeries...Butcher Shops, More Chinese food and so on.
 I think you get the drift. Where is something like this all in one place in NY?
Please let me know.
Oh could we forget?
We were quite full and couldn't eat anymore when we left...however about an hour later after driving around Philly and taking in the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall sights, we decided to stop for coffee in "Olde Town" Philly.
Right across the street from our coffee stop...and it couldn't have been anymore convenient...was The Olde Creamery Cellar ice cream shop guessed it... Bassett's Famous...which we missed at the Reading Market from being stuffed!
Inside was a genuinely gracious fellow by the name Dane.
It was the beginning of the ice cream season and not all of his flavors were available yet, however there were still about 10 choices.
Our pick...Peanut Butter and Vanilla. Sooo goood!
Thanks for your fine reception Dane and the Bassett's Ice Cream Container too!. Sooo Coool!
We'll be back!
Oh yeaahhhhh...One More Pic!
Moody Blue Cheese
A tip guys: If you go, make sure you have a cooler with an ice pack in your car with which to take home goodies and food you may not have been able to finish
Mangia Baby!


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