Chris…The Succulent Master From The Cactus Farm

"From terrariums to the landscape, succulents are in fashion" says the Los Angeles Daily News!

By Sandra Barrera, Los Angeles Daily News
While walking around the garment center today visiting some of my B Free Hanger customers, I took a turn that led me right into the "Broadway French Market"  in a renowned part of NYC that Jimmy Cagney helped make memorable...Herald Square...and diagonally across the street from the "world's largest department store"...Macy's.

One of the vendors at The Broadway French Market just happened to be the succulent king of New Jersey...yes...New Jersey.
The timing was such that I happened to have met the owner and succulent master, Chris.
Chris and his fabulous Aloe
A passionate fellow, he made sure every one of his customers left with the knowledge of how to care for the many varieties just waiting to be plucked up.
Short and sweet...
The BFM is only open Wednesday through Friday between May and November and for sure if you are seeking these little plants, get there and have fun picking them out. It's a bit of a chore carrying them home as they must be kept upright, but certainly worth it as they are priced a bit above wholesale.
Chris supplies the Botanical Gardens and shows at the famous Philadelphia Show.

Check out some of these pics I took today and you'll be convinced it's worth a side step on your next visit to our big city.

                                                                      3 for $10


4 for $10
Google "The Broadway French Market Facebook Page"

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