A Bravo Encore at Luigi’s in Manhattan. Sincerely…My Favorite Chicken Salad Anywhere!

Bravo Luis…2017!

Hi folks!
It’s with great pleasure that I bring to you an update for my favorite chicken salad anywhere.
To refresh your memory from my original entry in April, 2012, it’s not that kind of chopped chunky chicken with mayo we are talking about here.
Simply put, it’s a salad of baby lettuce mixed greens, olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, and grilled vegetables with the biggest and best tasting pieces of  grilled chicken (or fried chicken cutlets) in town…and we’re talkin’ NYC here.
Top that off with an in-house proprietary vinaigrette with exact ingredients I cannot divulge and you’ve got a recipe that can possibly be imitated, but NEVER duplicated.
I ask the fellas to make mine with a blend of fried and grilled cutlets. Some even cover their’s with mozzarella. Yum City!


Short and sweet…I’m back again to validate the consistency and taste that greets me every time
at Luigi’s at Luigi’s on 8th Avenue between 55th Street and 56th street in NYC!

Like most Italian restaurants, Luigi’s has a full menu with pizza, main dishes and hero’s. When I go, a casual conversation can easily take place with other diners as tables are sometimes shared. Everyone loves what they’ve ordered…no exceptions. For me, however, I’ve never gotten past the variations of the chicken salad. Not such a bad place to be stuck, huh?



A quick aside…
There is something to be said for the consistency here. The same fellas are standing proud behind the counter since I first visited back in 2012.
Again…You know what they say about happy people…Yes?

***Check out the original Luigi’s discovery entry right here!
Either Google “phoodographsandfinds luigi’s nyc starring the chicken salad” OR go to April 7, 2012 in the archive to the right. Hit ‘Older Posts’ until you get to Luigi’s NYC Starring The “Chicken Salad”

As usual…please feel free to comment below….and remember…it’s more fun NOT to be shy!
Mangia Baby!

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