Sexy Pop from Long Island, New York, USA!

I’m out in Greenport on the tip of the north fork of Long Island and notice across the street this really cool car with a painted Union Jack…ie the British flag covering the entire vehicle.

 I see written on the side “Sexy Pop”. A new soda? Nope. As I get closer I see popcorn kernels…thus my introduction to a popcorn from the founder of Pirate’s Booty…Sexy Pop.
I’m in the food business and found the name intriguing enough to ask if they happened to be offering samples to taste. Hey…where have I been?…Sexy Pop! You’d probably ask as well.

Graciously, Mr. Lazaro Jimenez and his perpetually smiling associate Christy offered me tastes of most of the new non GMO, Kosher and Gluten Free air popped corn. It was not until today that I finished tasting all five Sexy Pop flavors.
They are Bangin’ Cheddar, Nantucket Salted, Black Pepper, Pinapple Jalapeno and get this, Brazilian Coconut. Avacado & Seaweed was not available.
I liked all of these to varying degrees, however what you will enjoy is strictly up to you and your taste buds.
What I also liked was their marketing. So cool!

                                                                   Lazaro & Christy

That said, next time you are out perusing through the food stores and you see a bag of Sexy Pop, try ’em…you’ll like ’em! Says me!

                                                                            Chef Bert
                                                                         Mangia Baby!

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Thank you and have a fab summer!

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