Posts made in June 2016

Chris…The Succulent Master From The Cactus Farm

"From terrariums to the landscape, succulents are in fashion" says the Los Angeles Daily News!

By Sandra Barrera, Los Angeles Daily News
While walking around the garment center today visiting some of my B Free Hanger customers, I took a turn that led me right into the "Broadway French Market"  in a renowned part of NYC that Jimmy Cagney helped make memorable...Herald Square...and diagonally across the street from the "world's largest department store"...Macy's.

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BetsaPasta White Clam Sauce & Cherry Tomatoes as Featured in The Long Island Newsday’s "Who’s Cooking" June 5th, 2016

Hi Folks...
I'd like to thank my wife Sandy for making it possible to be a part of Long Island Newsday's "Who's Cooking" column. I wasn't sure what  food editors Lauren Chattman and Marjorie Robins used as a criteria for being accepted, however I was quite happy for their decision to include me. As it turns out, according to Lauren, all they are seeking to find are "great home cooks who live on Long Island".
Good choice ladies and thank you for considering me one of the 'great' ones! We've sincerely enjoyed your column over the years. order to maximize the impact of their column, they need good photography. For me, I was fortunate enough to get assigned an Emmy Award winning photographer with personality by the name of Alejandra Lucky Me!

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