Perfect Time for Lavender By The Bay in East Marion, L.I, N.Y.

Gracious host Serge with Emma
Luis with fresh cut lavender
Emma with her fresh cut lavender and sachet for mommy

I know of no place so unique in New York like Lavender By The Bay in East Marion, Long Island.
It’s pure therapy in the true sense of the definition.
Lavender has bloomed early this year, so get out to experience the lavender while still there for the picking, literally.They even have kids scissors so the young ones can have fun picking lavender with mom & dad.
There are some bees doing their lavender thing also, however you know the story: leave them alone and they won’t bother you.
 If you’re not in the picking state of mind, it’s cut and ready and waiting for you…either fresh, dried, or in sachets along with many other lavender related products.
Their lavender honey is not quite ready and according to Serge, who operates Lavender By The Bay with his wife Susan, it will be ready by the end of July.
Short and Sweet…and as succinctly put by the Moody Blues, “Go Now”!

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Mangia Baby!

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lavender by the bay honey pure?

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