The Tipsy Boar Gastropub 1,090 Miles South of Home is Home…

…for one of the best burgers we’ve tasted in years!
Life IS timing…and the timing was such that on a recent trip to Florida while watching the local Channel 7 News, the reporter was raving about a burger with what I perceived as an incredibly unique recipe…a blend of brisket and ground chuck.
She was also touting the Maine Lobster Mac & Cheese at the wildly popular Tipsy Boar Restaurant in Hollywood, Florida.

Sandy and I seem to gravitate to the same restaurants and if it’s a good burger…we’re in and couldn’t wait to get in!

Upon entering, we were greeted by Nelly, a hostess as they say, with the mostess and a sincere smile. The entire restaurant, except for the outside tables, sits parallel to an active bar scene and the music was upbeat and familiar.

If you are a beer lover, this is your place. The selections of beer on draught numbered 40!

No beer shortage here…40 Choices

I have this habit when I’m in a restaurant for the first time. I walk around looking at what is being served at other tables and what is coming out of the kitchen.  Although I contemplated the touted  Maine Lobster Mac & Cheese, I’m a sucker for pulled pork…and the Mojo Marinated Pulled Pork & Plantains looked wonderful. It actually was better than it looked…and that’s hard to do.

Mojo Marinated Pulled Pork & Plantains

Usually I need a special sauce (B-B-Q or whatever) to enhance the flavor of a pork dish such as this, however I found out it needed nothing. The pork sits on top of yellow rice and black beans and is sprinkled with a selection of fresh vegetables with tremendous flavor and crunch. I’ve never really been a fan of plantains, however I am now. The texture and flavor brought out by the caramelization was brilliant! That’s better than awesome.
Sandy’s “All American” burger (cheddar cheese optional) was truly memorable…or should we say WOW! We even picked a beer that goes with burgers, but who the heck remembers which one?
This Brisket Beef burger (does brisket and beef  resonate with you like it does with me?) was served with a side of spicy ketchup. Although Sandy doesn’t eat spicy, it was just fine for my taste.
I wish I had known they offered waffle fries, however the house fries had a nice texture and flavor…unlike the standard fries served almost everywhere. Waffle fries next time.


      Sandy and her Tipsy draught
Ahhhh…My Favorites…Heinz Ketchup & French’s Yellow Mustard @ Tipsy’s

Tipsy Boar All American Burger/Sans Cheese
The Tipsy Boar pizza looked quite artisanal. I’m thinking we need to go with more people next time so we can get a dose of the pizza, homemade spicy guacamole & chips, the iceberg lettuce, beefsteak tomato, bacon and blue cheese salad and their famous Maine lobster mac & cheese.
Tipsy Boar Margarita Pizza
Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato Blue Cheese Salad
Homemade Spicy Guacamole with Chips
Regretfully, no pic of the lobster mac & cheese. Nuts…Missed that one

To our waitress Massi…thanks for a memorable first visit. To Jose, the proprietor…you and your staff are reason alone one would want to come back.

Gracious Proprietor Jose & Bert

Oh yeah…One more thing…My cousin Mitchell was coming up from his new home in Key Largo to have lunch with Sandy and me. As I proceeded to tell him about a restaurant we had found and that we felt he would really enjoy, he says that’s the one he wanted to go to because he’d seen the Channel 7 segment just as we did. Funny, huh?
As it turns out, he had to cancel his trip up at the last minute, however I told him to ask for Erika at TB…and told Erika he was coming up. So Mitchell, get yourself up there for a wonderful treat. Erika and Company is expecting you. It’ll be worth the trip. After all, it’s a bit closer for you…only 83 miles away!

Mangia Baby!

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