BRIDGE LANE BUBBLES @ Bridge Lane Wine Will Satisfy All Taste Buds. Trust Me…Have I Ever Led You Astray?

Between vineyards and wineries, keeping up with the changes on the ever-evolving North Fork of Long Island, and as well the South Fork, is an adventure.

Each time we travel out east to our favorite destinations, we notice changes and additions that always intrigue and that ultimately gets me on the computer to stay on top of all the new additions. In my desire to stay updated, the first winery that pops up on one of the Long Island wine websites is Bridge Lane Wine.

Coincidence? Yeth. Why……because that’s what this entry is all about!

My first pic of the Bridge Lane tasting room…

A little background:

The taste of North Fork wines have come a long way from those very early days when New York wines were in their infancy.  Today, the region relies on Bordeaux varieties such as Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot with white varietals such as Chardonnay and Riesling to produce its awarding-winning wines.  Although the region continues to produce wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay, ‘many vintners are moving to blends.’ just like what we are seeing here in the  Bridge Lane Bubbles blend of Reisling, Muscat & Seyval Blanc.***

***Seyval Blanc is a hybrid grape extensively grown in New York, where it is produced as dry  white wine. It is often touted as having a flavor profile somewhere between Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.

In all the years we have been patronizing Long Island wineries, we never made it to Lieb Family Winery which was established all the way back in 1992. Produced by the now Lieb Cellars on the North Fork of Long Island, Bridge Lane is named after the farm road adjacent to one of Lieb’s vineyards and is Lieb’s second label. Gonna have to get to Lieb someday soon 🙂

At Bridge Lane…they produce 6 wines – a white merlot,  unoaked chardonnay (my kind of chardonnay), sauvignon blanc, dry rosé, red blend and a sparkler – all in a fresh, light, dry, fruit-forward style.  It’s this ‘sparkler’ that we have defined as our latest wine find at this Bridge Lane winery on the NOFO and it all started with a can of their rose’ wine with lunch at the North Fork Shack just down the road.

Outstanding Burger & Shallot-Dusted Fries at The North Fork Shack in Southold, L.I. N,Y., USA

We frankly had no idea where Bridge Lane wine was located and it was just by chance that we saw it and decided to pull in and check it out live and in person. Something to be said for the adventure in keeping up with the additions…even thought they’ve been there for years.

As Sandy was finding a place to sit, I asked her what wine she wanted to taste and she said “surprise me”. When I walked in and saw all the canned wine choices on top of the rose’ we tasted at the North Fork Shack, I/we had a good feeling based on my/our recent first experience(s) with NOFO canned wines. Specifically, we’ve enjoyed  all the cans of wine we tried at Pindar and felt most of these these “fresh, fruit forward” and young wines were quite enjoyable.

Meet Sweet Scarlett & Alethea @ Pindar Vineyards on the NOFO!

Simply as matter of record, it should be noted  the first cans of wine on the NOFO were developed by Lieb Cellars.

Lieb Cellars Launches Long Island’s First Canned Wines Under Bridge Lane Label

So I was greeted graciously by “Delia”, the “Tasting Room Captain”…and after just a few questions about their canned wines, I decided on BRIDGE LANE BUBBLES! Just the name might have influenced my choice…but either way…it was a prodigious choice 🙂

Say Hellooo to Delia and her invisible smile 🙂

The first word from Sandy after she tasted it,,,”Delicious”! Me? Woah! Nice!

What exactly was so impressive since everything is subjective and everyone’s tastes are different? It’s simple. The splendid taste and, for me in addition to the splendid taste, the fine bubbles. They were subtle and didn’t explode in your mouth. I quickly compared this wine to the best of the Prosecco’s…eccellente…and yes…some champagnes…excellent is excellent in French 🙂

What’s most interesting to me over the years is how the the red blend wines on Long Island have really taken hold of everyone’s taste buds, To see blends taken hold in the world of white wines is only logical.

Our friend John who lives out on the NOFO only likes dry whites. Guess what? He just found a new not so dry white that he now loves!

We bought a few 4-packs and…no joke…every single person who we shared this wine with absolutely fell in love. Do I need to be specific?  🙂

While we were about to leave I noticed a group of ladies about to leave as well. I approached them to ask if they would be kind enough to pose for a pic simply to enhance the story and perhaps just to continue the celebration.

As you can see, they were gracious enough to accommodate. So…to Julie and her friends celebrating Julie’s Bachelorette…I say thank you…all the best and stay safe!

The brand new sitting area at Bridge Lane Wine

It was time now for me to leave and Delia was kind enough to throw me a peace sign. A definite fellow state O minder.

Thanks much Delia…See you again soon!

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