Memorial Day Potato Salad With Fresh East Norwichian Dill

I'm not the biggest fan of dill...but I love dill pickles and matzoh ball soup with dill. With that thought in mind and because Sandy loves dill (not to mention there are many potato salad recipes with dill), I figured why not put a spin on my version of potato salad (with sweet gherkins and only yellow mustard) and try it with fresh East Norwichian dill**....sans pickles and adding some Dijon mustard to the mix.

Total time to prepare: less than 1 hour.

Short and sweet: I now love 3 things with too old to add to, take away from or change.

-3 lbs. small Yukon Gold and/or Red Potatoes with the skin (this recipe was 50-50)
-3 coarse chopped hard boiled eggs
-1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
-1.5 Tbsp. yellow mustard and Dijon mustard (50-50). I like Heinz or French's yellow and Bournier Dijon
-2 stalks coarse chopped celery
-1-1 1/4 cup your favorite mayonnaise (Hellman's is the best tasting 'light' mayo for the less calorie/fat version)
-1 packed fistful of fresh dill coarse chopped...stems removed!
It doesn't have to be East Norwichian**. Any fresh dill will work fine.
-2 tsp Kosher salt
-10 or so twists from a fresh pepper mill

-Boil potatoes for 20- 25 minutes depending on size of potatoes. Drain and let cool slightly until warm.
-Very coarsely cut potatoes...add vinegar and salt to cut potatoes. Toss gently until potatoes are coated.
-Mix together mayo, mustards, celery, pepper and dill and pour blend over the potatoes.
-Add hard boiled eggs
-Toss gently until blended being careful not to break up the potatoes much more than they already are as you want your chunks of potatoes.
-Salt and pepper to taste

**East Norwichian dill: Dill from my backyard 🙂
Credit also must be given to my new ketchup made by True Made Foods. This more nutritious and gluten free ketchup is made with tomatoes, squash, spinach and carrots and tastes fab. Not, however, to be used in this recipe.

Mangia Baby!

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