In L.A., California…Du-par's…True Pancake Heaven!

Bert with his 5-Stack
Fabulous Betty with Bert’s 5-Stack
T.H.E. 5 Stack

Dupar’s  pancakes in Studio City, Los Angeles, California, USA! They recently opened in Las Vegas, and I can guarantee you it’s a sure bet in either location…or any of their locations… that you will be treated to the best stack ever!
 On my latest trip to L.A., my friend Mark Meshekow…of  Meshekow’s of Los Angeles photography fame, and directly related to the Beadie from the Bronx…met me for brunch.
My fabulous waitress Betty was gracious enough to let me take her pic while delivering a 5 stack with melted butter on top and served with both maple syrup and boysenberry syrup. For many years, the boysenberry syrup is what they were known for, however they changed the recipe of this syrup and I now stick with the maple. Boysenberry is now optional depending on my mood.
 Please don’t forget the extra melted butter to put in between each flapjack. It brings a tear to my eye.
To re-affirm, I don’t review restaurants as a whole. I simply espouse the virtues of individual food finds  everywhere. There are many exceptional treats in any of the Du-pars…and as one of my favorite songwriters says “Every man has his opinion”. In this case, it’s all about the pancakes with the melted butter that I have been eating since 1954 while growing up as a kid in Studio City, Californ-i-a.
Whenever I’m in L.A., this stop is a must for me…and for you if you ever get to L.A. or Las Vegas. Trust me. Have I ever lead you astray?
A little history: The restaurant was founded in 1938 at the Farmer’s Market by James Dunn and Edward Parsons…ie DuPars. It grew to several locations in the Los Angeles area, however my heart and soul  always brings me back to the Studio City location.
It changed hands in the 1970’s and was most recently bought by a restaurateur named Biff Naylor because, according to Biff,
 he didn’t want to see this restaurant “become a footnote in the history books of Los Angeles”.
 Thank you Biff Naylor for keeping the Du-pars tradition…and my memories alive.
Thank you again Betty for wrapping up my leftover pancakes with boysenberry syrup on the side, thanks to Maria for wrapping up my Bear Claw…all to take home to NY, and thanks to you both for wearing your traditional Du-par’s uniform with pride and a smile.

An aside…I have received many comments from readers and I thank you for them. To the reader who wanted the stories to be longer, long is relative but I’ll work on it. Although this Du-par’s entry was short and sweet, the stack was long and sweet. To the reader who appreciated the color in the blog format because it was good for their eyes, thanks for your input…or should I say, insight?
Keep the comments coming…and…

Mangia Baby!


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3 thoughts on "In L.A., California…Du-par's…True Pancake Heaven!"

Betty says:

Wow Bert pancakes look great!!! You have to try Maureen's Kitchen in Smithtown.

Bert Spitz says:

Betty at DuPar's…this comment is from another reader named Betty who is suggesting a restaurant in New York.
Betty in NY, thank you for your comment and suggestion.

Anonymous says:

Wow!! Looks SO good. I can't wait to check them out. Thanks for the recommendation!

-Bianca at Sjobeck Malibu

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