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Borgatti’s Ravioli & The Best of Arthur Avenue, Bronx’s Little Italy, According to Me…Sans The Candlestick Maker

There is something very special…No! Let me re-phrase that. There are so many things very special about the tradition that surrounds Arthur Avenue in The Beautiful Bronx and to me, it all starts…and ends… at Teitel’s Brothers Grocery on the corner of  Arthur Avenue and E. 186th St.
There is not another grocer specializing in Italian products anywhere else like this…and I’d like to think I’ve seen them all, even in Manhattan! It’s not big in size, however, it’s huge in selection with unsurpassed quality and it’s fair prices. Not to mention personality!
Parmigiano Reggiano @ $11.99 lb. Proscuitto de Parma @ 14.99 lb. A fair barometer…right?

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