Remembering Peter…ie…Pietro! A “Pizzaiolo” & Local Phood Hero To His Community


I walked into Pietro’s for a couple of slices of pizza on December 31st, 2021. At that moment the phone rang behind the counter and I heard the words “he’s gone?” The look on the face and the subsequent conversation was shocking. Peter had passed.

I’m writing this today because Peter…ie…Pietro deserves to be remembered as the one of the most gracious and endearing persons to grace our world.

What I mean when I say Phood (food) hero was that he made sure his community didn’t go hungry during the most critical days during the Covid pandemic.

Local Heroes In The World Of Food That Deserve OUR Support…According To Me!


He truly had a wonderful fan base and was regarded by so many!

Short and sweet…

Rest In Peace Dear Peter and, at least with me, know you are thought of virtually every time I hear the word pizza…especially your Chicken Francese slice!



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