Our Phabulous Phood Phinds at The 2016 NYC International Restaurant Show



Chef David and I cruised The 2016 International Restaurant Show at The Jacob Javits Convention Center in NYC today and discovered some wonderful new products!
There are so many new innovations in the world of food today because people are tired of all the crap ingredients food manufacturers have been using over the years.
Corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup and genetically modified corn based products that we find in multitudes of products today are literally killing us. Bad sugars are the main culprit and has overtaken fat as the main health concern.
Good fats found in foods like fatty fish, extra virgin olive oil and organic peanut butter are being promoted like never before. As 'fattening' as they may be, they are not killers like loads of products containing bad trans-fats
I'll go on to emphasize again my decades long fight against trans-fats. Simply spotting the words "hydrogenated" or "partially hydrogenated" oils on food labels should make one run the other way.

Now...getting back to the fun part of the show was discovering some new products that we absolutely  loved!
As we entered, we stopped off at Prova Gourmet and were treated by 'Victor' to a wonderful selection of  pure Madagascar, Mexican and Tahitian vanilla extracts.

Victor of www.provagourmet.us

The Tahitian vanilla really impressed us and the samples he promised to send are going to my cousin Mitchell, Executive Chef down south at Gilbert's Resort in Key Largo along with some other products coming right up

Next stop: Bruce Julian Heritage Foods and the best Bloody Mary mix ever..and with wonderfully healthy ingredients. We ordered on the spot!



                                                A Happy Bonnie, Melanie, Paul & Chef Dave


Loved the small individual size bottle of the Bruce Julian Bloody Mary mix wrapped with a nice ribbon around a small bottle of Tito's Made in America Vodka
For what else but...
Ahhhhh...Check out the names of these preserves!
Next up:
 Ice Berry Frozen Yogurt featuring a flavor we've never heard of.
Get this: Taro Yogurt.What is Taro you ask? Taro is a large perennial herbaceous plant that has a cultural identification with many Asia-pacific cultures.
Each year in April, Hawaii celebrates the annual taro festival.
Want to know more...just ask Alex or Jay at info@fyberry.com and tell them Chef Bert sent you!
I bet they'll even invite you to the new location they are planning to open up very soon in downtown Hollywood, Florida, USA
Tell them you read about them here, and you can have all the yogurt you can eat on your inaugural visit.
Alex, Chef Bert and Jay


A Happy customer who preferred to remain anonymous
Next up:


The best cooked salmon we have ever eaten...and right out of a package!!!
The 5 choices...Original, Chipotle & Lime,Cajun (my favorite), Cracked Pepper and Lemon Pepper are 99% boneless, certified Kosher, gluten free, AND...there are no preservatives, coloring, artificial flavors, nitrates or MSG.
The genius behind this extremely healthy is product is Mr. Kevin Mason of Colorado, USA!
The happy fellow behind Kevin just finished lunch. Can't you tell?


Wanna know more about The Honey Smoked Salmon Company? Simply log onto www.honeysmokedfish.com
Next up:
I've had a real dilemma for many years now and I have a confession to make.
I know most of us have grown up loving the revered Heinz Ketchup....Right?
Well here's the dilemma and the confession. Two of the main ingredients are high fructose corn syrup  AND corn syrup which, besides being the same thing, are just awful from a health standpoint. What compounds the bad health factor is that the corn was and still is genetically modified. It's just so unbelievable that I'd look the other way for so many years, however what was one to do? Most, if not all other ketchup's were made with the same ingredients and it simply came down to this was the best tasting of the worst formula. At this point, most ketchup manufacturers have figured out how to make their's taste like Heinz. If you look at the contents, they are virtually the same.
Then, recently, Heinz decided to create a version of their Ketchup...sans high fructose corn syrup called "Simply Heinz"...made instead with sugar and no corn syrup of any kind. Many now also make organic ketchup. Both better? Yes...but still not nutritious....until today!
We've found a new product and we want to share it with you.
Let me introduce you to  Kevin of True Made Foods. What a  phabulous phriggin' phood phind!

What Makes True Made Foods Ketchup Different?

Organic Tomatoes. But still no nutritional value. Organic Tomatoes...however no real nutritional value

Wanna know more?
Go to:

...and tell them Chef Bert sent ya!

Thank you Kevin & Abraham!

I'd like to say we've save
d the best for last, however I'd rather say this is the last of the best!
A new and exciting product like this we have never seen before and I cannot imagine a kitchen of the future without some of these. Such fun too!

Check out these flavors! Basil...Rose...Mint...Habanero...Fennel...Cilantro...Hibiscus...and OOPS!

Herb Crystals...Flower Crystals...& Fruit Crystals. Wow!
"Gourmet Sweet Botanical's" is how this product is described and marketed. We've yet to deteremine what concentration of sugar is in these products, however the concept is brilliant and we will be doing a follow up. Want to know more? Simple... www.gourmetsweetbotanicals.com

That' it for now folks. Keep your eyes open 'cos these are Our Phabulous Phood Phinds so far in 2016!
See you at The Javits Center  this June for the NYC Fancy Food Show!

Oh yeah...

Mangia Baby!
Chef Bert


3 thoughts on "Our Phabulous Phood Phinds at The 2016 NYC International Restaurant Show"

david dayan says:

The NYC International Restaurant Show is an event I always look forward to and this year did not disappoint. As usual, we reconnected with many familiar faces from past shows and met many new ones. I like to call Bert the "Pope" of the food industry. His presence is magnetic and it seems to invite a conversation and audience wherever we go. Bert's genuine passion for the industry makes networking fun and natural. The big discussion this year was the movement towards clean eating. This is something the Betsa Pasta team has been passionate about for sometime. We furthered our "clean eating" education at this years show. It was refreshing to exchange ideas and solutions with innovators within the industry. Bert does a great job of encapsulating the highlights. Part of the appeal and I'm guilty of it is trying tons of free samples but the other is connecting or reconnecting with old friends, familiar tastes and new experiences.

david dayan says:

Dude, what was the name of the vineyard that produced those interesting Rieslings?

Bert Spitz says:

Dr. Frank Konstantin

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