A Covid-19 visit to Portofino With Pizza Master Taner & Chef Carlos

Well…we’re back visiting in Goldens Bridge, N.Y. and where else does one go for lunch but to our favorite spot for ‘abeetz’***…ie…pizza @ Portofino Pizza & Pasta!

Jaw Dropping Size Pizza Slices & Taste to Match at Portofino’s In Goldens Bridge, New York (With a Quick Side Trip to KMA)


Ok folks…Welcome back!  We’d like you to meet again Pizza Master Taner and Chef Carlos.

All we can say is thanks again for your fine reception. We thank you for not only another phabulous pizza experience…but we felt comfortable and safe that all proper social distancing was in play along with face masks (except for the 3 seconds it took to take a pic of your smiling faces and your wonderful pizza!)

See ya fellas and till we meet again…Mangia Bene!

With that it was out to the car where the pizza party began for Sandy and me.

Check out that chicken parm slice as big as the 14″x 14″ box!

btw…Lower left are 1/2 slices 🙂

***A little sidebar…As a young kid, “abeetz’ was the way I got used to saying pizza. Pizza restaurants or parlors as some would say were much less common in Brooklyn in the 1950’s than today. As a matter of fact, the place where most folks would get pizza was in a bakery. That’s right…a bakery. There were really no pizza restaurants around as we see them today and where there was a substantial Italian-American population pizza was phonetically pronounced  “abeetz”. Additionally, there was no menu spelling either “pizza” or a “apizza.” …ie abeetz!

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