One Phenomenal Slice of Pizza That Stands Alone at Salvo’s Pizzabar in New York City!

Sandy & I had to pay a visit to Manhattan last week. It just happened to be lunch time and we decided a quick slice of pizza in the car was in order. No less than 10 seconds later…and by chance… I spotted Salvo’s Pizzabar on the corner of York Avenue & 78th Street.  2 seconds later I spotted a parking space. Perfetto!

So I jumped out…dashed across the street and into Salvo’s I went. As soon as I walked in, staring me in the face was a slice of pizza reminiscent of what I/we usually see on our trips to Italy.

More specifically, slices of pizza with raw veggies and cherry tomatoes seemed to be the norm for many pizza restaurants all over Italy. In this instance with reference to Salvo’s, the red onion and cherry tomatoes brought me right back to Verona, Italy.  You can see what I mean after seeing these pics I took in Verona.

What was totally eye opening was that each slice of Salvo’s pie was topped off with fresh burrata…yup burrrata.***

Trust me…Salvo’s tasting as good as it looks! Check out those small pieces of sauteed fresh garlic too..

***Just so you are aware…Burrata is an Italian cow milk cheese made from mozzarella and cream. The outer shell is solid mozzarella, while the inside contains stracciatella (shreds of fresh mozzarella soaked in sweet cream) and cream,  giving it an unusual, soft texture.

Boom! Done!!

Short and sweet folks…It’ll be a while before we get back to the city because of Covid, but for sure when we do…it’ll be with a visit to Salvo’s.

Ohhh my Goodness! How could I forget?? The taste was semplicemente meraviglioso…ie…Simply Marvelous!!  Grazie mille to Sal & Kevin for communicating with me so I could write this entry and I/we  look forward to visiting again!

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