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The TWA Flight 800 International Memorial

From the Memorial site:

On July 17, 1996, TWA Flight 800, heading for Europe, crashed into the Atlantic Ocean along the south shore of Long Island claiming all 230 lives on board.

That night began a journey of grief for the family members and friends of the lost. Along with their grief, however, was born a desire and dedication to keep the memories of their loved ones alive and to mark the site of this tragedy with a place that would honor those lost, comfort those who remain, and remind those who visit of the precious quality of life.

The TWA Flight 800 Families Association worked diligently to bring that dream to reality and on July 17, 2002, The TWA Flight 800 International Memorial was opened to the families of the victims and public.

The hope of the TWA Flight 800 Families Association and the designing architectural firm, Busch Associates, is that the memorial offers not only a place, but also an experience that contributes to the healing process of all those touched by this tragedy. For those on their continuing journey through grief and bewilderment, the site offers a sense of shelter, reflection and comfort.

TWA FLT 800 International Memorial
Large Memorial with Walkway
Line Of Flags
With the understanding of the strong emotional ties the family members held to this site, the challenge was to create a place open with views to engage the ocean vista in which many of the victims now rest, yet sheltered enough for those desiring healing to find peace and comfort.

Memorial Flags

We’ve always wanted to visit this Smith Point memorial, however it wasn’t until recently we actually made the trip. With our friends Joey and Helen B, Sandy and I arrived on a cold and windy afternoon and because of the weather found ourselves quite alone.

It was a bit more emotional for me since I knew Renee Greene, a passenger on Flight 800. A peaceful and sobering experience for sure and makes one stop to think about what’s really important in life.

List of Names on Memorial

Stop and reflect for a moment at the Smith Point TWA Flight 800 International Memorial. You may even be greeted by these cuties.



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