A Supreme Burrito at Long Island’s Sabrosa Mexican Grill

According to Sabrosa team member Cyntha Sass, MPH, RD. (Master of Public Health & Registered Dietitian), she espouses the virtues of Sabrosa’s “commitment to quality and health that makes it possible to enjoy fast and affordable food you can feel good about putting in your body”.

It’s something many food manufacturers and restaurants are focusing on and I saw it over and over again a few weeks ago at the Fancy Food Show in NYC. The food service companies truly are making a concerted effort to remove many of the unhealthy ingredients we’re all so concerned about.

We were first made aware of Sabrosa’s Mexican Grill on Memorial Day weekend when Sandy & I were on our way from the east to the west with a burger in mind at the Sip n’ Soda in Southampton.

On the way, we passed a new to us Sabrosa’s on Montauk Highway in Water Mill and almost stopped in for the burritos Sandy loves so much. Instead, we decided to continue on to our Sip n’ Soda burger spot.
Quite coincidentally,we happened to have met Hannah, a S n’ S waitress with a sincere smile whose family happens to own and operate the three relatively new Sabrosa Mexican Grills (see the www.phoodographsandfinds.blogspot.com Sip n’ Soda entry from May 30th, 2016).
We knew then we would have to get over there to try it out and that happened just yesterday.

Sandy’s Burrito

Short and sweet: A Supreme Burrito big enough to feed two was lunch. What we really loved about our marinated steak burrito was how it was prepared…ie..shredded like pulled chicken and pork.
The taste was superb!

Bert’s Burrito

I happen to like mine spicy and with their choices of Cholula sauces, I was able to blend everything to my taste.
Again, as I always do, I can only discuss what we tasted and in this case enjoyed. We will return and try other dishes. I, for one, will be digging deep into their ‘Burrito Bowl’ on my next…yes…next visit asap!
For now, however, if you are into burritos…this is an excellent choice!!

Oh yes…how could I forget to give credit to Astrid. Look at that smile! It makes you want to get another burrito and hang out for a while.

To Astrid:
Gracias por su sonrisa y su fina recepción . Puedo ver que todo viene de Hannah si está relacionado con la familia Sabrosa

Mangia Baby!


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