Il Villagio Trattoria Italiana…A Hidden Gem in Malverne, N.Y., USA!

Hi folks...
I'm baaaaaack...and what better way to come back but with a phabulous phood phind in
Malverne, N.Y. named Il Villagio.

Sandy and I were introduced to the cozy & intimate "Trattoria Italiana" by our perpetual phood buds Sharyn & Joel, and for a first time visit we were extremely pleased with the food choices we made.

In these times, we usually find ourselves in restaurants where the service can be perfunctory or over the top and with very little attention paid to the true meaning of service with a smile as was such with our waiter Victor. Our Saturday night reservation was for 7:30 and before we knew it, it was 11:00. Wow!
The atmosphere was simply cozy. With the intimate dark wood bar as you entered and the museum worthy paintings of Venice on the walls, you were transported away...that is until Victor came out and described many chef specials in English which included selections of European Branzino and salmon along with their tenderloin steaks and chops nicely displayed as seen here.         Either way, a distinct European feel.



Ahhhhh..Black Sambuca
 Venetian Canal
Next...and the reason we are here...the food.

Since rarely write anything negative, I usually need two or three visits to a restaurant/ristorante in order to taste enough to write about since there is the possibility I might find myself not in love with everything,
In this case, everything I tasted told me only one visit to Il Villagio would be necessary.
Yup, a rarity...and not only that...writing about it in record time.
So let's get it on!
Sharyn & Joel had been to the restaurant and knew what they liked. It wasn't an easy choice to make as virtually every special Victor described sounded quite appetizing.
Sharyn ordered the appetizers/antipasti which consisted of a beet salad she loves, baked whole clams, and jumbo lump crab salad with avocado.

Beet Salad/Special
Baked Whole Clams
Jumbo Lump Crab Meat & Avocado
They also ordered  a simple grilled salmon dish with sauteed veggies and roasted potatoes as well as a chicken dish with a lemon vermouth sauce named 'Poll Martini'.
Veal Chop  Osso Bucco!
Grilled Salmon
 Since it was our first time, we went with the dishes we knew. Sandy loves Veal Francese' and I went with Linguine alal Vognole. Traditionally, a dish with clams is rather wet because it's made with clam juice. As a result, the pasta MUST be prepared al dente or it will turn to mush in minutes.
Not only was it prepared perfectly, they used 'fini' favorite cut! Compliments to the chef and compliments to Marco for making his chef delivers as requested.
Veal Francese'
You know what they say about Happy People...Yes?
Although we missed tasting everything, what we did have was wonderful and enhanced by excellent service from above and a casual non-rushed dining experience.
Let's not forget the truly exceptional 'home-made' tiramisu with 4 forks.

I'm not sure what we did to deserve after dinner drinks, however the owner Marco came over to the table and graciously offered them to us. An extreme rarity nowadays that we graciously accepted.

Bert & Host with the Most, Marco

In closing, we've learned not to eat too many appetizers and bread and a main course as that can be overwhelming. Leaving a restaurant unstuffed is also kind of refreshing.
Sleeping through the night well without feeling the effects of your dinner is an added plus for this fabulous food find in the most unlikely of places in Malverne, N.Y., USA!

Marco ...
Grazie a te, Victor e il personale per una serata meravigliosa.

Joel, Sandy, Bert & Sharyn

Mangia Baby!
Chef Bert

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Anonymous says:

Hi Bert,
Mi piace molto. Scrive bene!
-Lorri Goodman

Bert Spitz says:

Grazie molto Lorri…
Do we know each other?

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