Mr. Chow Downtown NYC with Sandy and WD

The last time we sat down at a table to dine for 4 hours was at Osteria Francescana in Modena, Italy...and that was because it was a 14 course tasting dinner. I'm not sure if it took that long because Chef Massimo Bottura invited us to come to his ristorante and they paid extra special attention to us...or because that's how long it takes to be served 14 courses with a selection of wines and/or beer for each of the courses.
Either way, the next time Sandy and I sat for that length of time for dinner was just the other evening at Mr. Chow in downtown NYC with no other than "WD".



WD & Sandy
Chef Bert with Mr. Yip's Famous Peking Duck Platter
WD and Sonia

"WD" values his privacy and I therefore his name will go unmentioned, however we did get permission to publish some pictures we took of dinner along with the gracious folks who make this a true dining experience...not
to mention a few of "WD" himself.

General Manager Csabi, Bert and Captain Ned

Since the conversation flowed, as did the Champagne, the four hours flew by rather quickly.
As it was at Osteria Francescana, the service at Mr. Chow was first class and each of the many courses (one of which was a lemon sorbet palate cleanser) was just as delightful as the company.
I got the distinct feeling that this was WD's home away from Cheers style. He did the ordering without a menu and most likely as he has done many times before. A rare experience for me as I usually am the one doing the ordering. Oh well, I sensed this was his show...and so we gladly went along for the ride.
The first course was easily identifiable. A single sea scallop in it's individual shell made a wonderful presentation.

It wasn't as easy to identify some of the other courses, however dishes of chicken and lobster along with sauteed rice and vegetables were the prelude to the dish that makes this restaurant stand out among all others who serve it...and qualifies it as a "find".

The dish of the evening...Beijing Duck served with steamed pancakes, scallions and plum sauce!
YUM...with a capital Yip!

Mr Yip's Expertly Sliced Peking Duck
It didn't make a difference how many courses we had prior to the duck or how full we were after that many courses. It was sooooo good, we finished the whole platter of expertly cut and sliced by Mr. Yip
Peking Duck.

For cooooool!


So, to "WD"...we say helluva job & thank you for the experience. See you at Hale & Hearty!

Mangia Baby!
Chef Bert


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