Billy's NYC…The King of Carrot Cake…Trust Me!

            Sandy and I have this thing about carrot cake. By the time you finish reading this, you will too!

This is my second entry for the revered cake. For my first entry on February 27th, 2011, my friend Katy Z. whipped up some home made carrot cake that actually wins the carrot cake award for home bakers.
When I first discovered Billy’s Bakery in NYC, it was by accident. I had just finished working with Lew F. at Theory on Gansevoort St. in the Meatpacking District and decided to walk up Ninth Avenue. All the way from across the street (around 21st St), I saw some fabulous looking cakes and yes…cupcakes, staring at me in their window. I said to myself…YUM! Come to think of it, it may have been the color of the sign out front that really caught my eye. 

Anyway you see it, like a bee finding nectar…it was a Bee-line to Billy’s Bakery. 
I went in, sat down and ate a whole piece of cake all by myself. Let me say that eating a whole piece of any of their cakes is not an easy task…however I couldn’t stop. Got Milk? Yup!
So impressed was I that the next time I went down to see Lew, I stopped off at Billy’s first to bring him a piece of carrot cake. It was then that I met Albert, who was kind enough to pose for this pic.

It’s like I’ve become a good will messenger for Billy’s. Every time I go there, I wind up taking a piece of cake to go for friends who I feel could appreciate what Billy’s has to offer.
One afternoon, while out visiting some customers, I ran into (not really ran, but walked by) the Urban Space Garment District Market on Broadway @ 39th Street. It was there I met Fang & Alexandra…two more happy soul’s from Billy’s…who had a booth at this pop-up outdoor market.

One late night in the city around 10:30 just after finishing dinner, I had an epiphany. Maybe Billy’s is open for dessert. Fabulous! They were open at that hour and off Sandy and I went with our friends Sharon and Joel, who had never been to Billy’s. Two more fans!

     On my visit last Friday, I met the general manager Ming and another happy cast member, Laurel.

I needed to go there to order a carrot cake for Thanksgiving and as I’m writing this, I’m lamenting the fact that I’m going in today to pick up a smaller cake than I ordered because the weather the day before Thanksgiving (tomorrow) is supposed to quite stormy. Oh well, less calories!
There are many other cakes and cupcakes made at Billy’s that attract many fans. Chocolate on chocolate, Coconut…goodness, sooooo many. Oh yeah…the Banana Pudding…Don’t forget the banana pudding dudes!

Any way you look at it, Billy’s is worthy of an entry and in my book…a true find in NYC!
Take a look at all the pictures…and everyone seems to have a smile. Happy people…Happy results!

Feel Free to comment below. Always love your comments.

Mangia Baby!
Chef Bert

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