Just Lovin’ the Traditional Burger, Ice Cream & Personality at Sip ‘n Soda in Southampton, L.I. New York


Whether it's food places or places of fun and good times while growing up, one has a tendency to yearn for the nostalgic and what was familiar to you as you as a kid while growing up. I grew up in Great Neck, NY and remember the venerable eating establishments on Middle Neck Road 'in town' like Hamburger Express, with the little choo choo train that whistled around the train tracks and delivered your burger to you. I remember Kreigel's ice cream, cherry Coke, egg creams and its creaky wood floors.
There aren't many of those old-time restaurants around anymore...and especially one that evokes that old time feeling. There is, however,  one we have been going to for many years during the summer season and is situated in town on Hampton Road in Southampton, L.I., New York. It's Sip'n Soda.

A little bit about Sip 'n Soda. There's a long Parash family history that goes all the way back to the Oyster Bay Candy Kitchen in 1918. The Southampton location, however,  was opened in 1958 and is now run by the third generation family member Mark Parash and his Uncle Jim.
Besides their ice cream, they became famous for their lime Rickey, a drink made of freshly squeezed lime, cherry syrup, a homemade lemon-lime syrup and seltzer.
Years ago this refreshing drink was referred to by some as "air-conditioning in a glass"!
Recently, while out visiting my customers to make sure they are all set for the season, Sandy and I stopped in for lunch. I was fortunate enough to have left my wallet

at the restaurant and had to drive back the next day. How can that be fortunate you ask? Simple. If I hadn't, we would not be reading this story right now.

 Yup...that's Mark with his Sip 'n  Soda Burger!
My Burger...the old-fashioned way!

As the proprietor with personality Mark Parash put it, "lucky for us both". I got back my wallet and you folks  get to read about a worthy destination.
Why? Let me tell you!
The excellent homemade ice cream is what this place is all about. Don't get me wrong. As Newsday says, Sip 'n Soda also serves "consistently good renditions of luncheonette fare".
In particular, I love their $3.75 hamburger with a slice or raw onion and ketchup.
They make a double size burger for $5.75, however there's something about this burger that draws us back over the years.
When I returned to pick up my wallet, I was greeted by Hannah and Delaney. Hannah was nicely folding some of the Sip 'n Soda shirts when I asked her to show me one and to please make it look good for this entry.


She was gracious enough to accommodate as was Hannah when I asked her for a smile while filling up an ice cream cone with a double scoop for a customer.


It just seemed everyone was in good spirits and the timing was perfetto (Italian for perfect) for this new story.
While I was having my hamburger for lunch, I found out that Hannah's family operates a new Mexican Grill by the name of Sabrosa. New to the area, it was quite coincidental that the day before Sandy and I had the choice of eating at their new Water Mill location (we spotted something new on the way into Southampton) or continuing on to Sip 'n Soda. Sip 'n Soda won out. We can assure you, Hannah, we will make it there in the near future.

Hats or T-Shirts...bought a blue hat!

Okay folks...it's Memorial Day weekend...the official beginning of summer. Get out there...enjoy the fabulous ice cream and say hello to Mark, Hannah & Delaney and tell 'em Chef Bert the blogger sent ya!


Current menu
Older pic.Cones are a bit more today
Wanna take out order? The only phone line into Sip' n Soda is in this phone booth

Bye Delaney and Hannah. See you next time! 

Mangia Baby!
Chef Bert

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