Creativity Overflows At The New Kosher Pizza Roxx In Great Neck, Long Island, New York

Hello Folks….and Welcome to Pizza Roxx!

It’s rare that I write about any restaurant after one visit. What’s even more rare is that it happened to me twice on the same road…in the same town…in two restaurants right across the street from one another…and…within 2 weeks!

Meet Maya & Melissa of Pizza Roxx!

I was telling my friend Nat (of “Boys Of Spring­ — And Summer” fame) about this wonderful new bakery I found totally by accident in Great Neck by the name of Marie Blachere Boulangerie and he proceeds to tell me and Sandy about a new kosher pizza restaurant his daughter and her partners opened up in Great Neck. I said let’s go! So we immediately on the spot hopped into his 1966 woody wagon that he still drives from our ole surfing days and upon arriving at Pizza Roxx (509 Middle Neck Road, Great Neck, NY 11023) discovered it was within eye sight of the bakery I wrote about just two weeks prior…and after just one visit! Coincidinky?

The Best Bread In France…And More…Comes to Great Neck, L.I., New York In The Name Of Marie Blachere Boulangerie


It just so happened the pizzas I/we tasted were all phabulous and deserved this immediate entry for you! Specifically, Eggplant Parm, Baked Ziti, Buffalo Cauliflower and…although the description doesn’t do it justice to call it Plain…a slice of Sandy’s favorite…Plain 🙂


So here goes…

What stood out for me were the many different kinds of pizza. When you’re a Kosher restaurant, you are limited in some respects based on what Kosher allows you to serve (no pepperoni here folks) and need to be creative with alternative choices. I really got a kick out of Tater Tot Pizza and had to hold myself back from putting ketchup on it. Don’t laugh…there’s a bottle of Heinz 57 on each table just in case. Besides…if you’ve never had it before you can’t knock it. Right?

 You know what they say about happy people.  Say Hi to Jackson showing off Tater Tot Pizza!!

How about French Fries Pizza huh huh?

Jennifer with Eggplant Parm Pizza above and below!


Buffalo Cauliflower Pizzaaaaah!

Meet Kosher Pizza Masters Brandon & Allen

…and where would we be without  Baked Ziti Pizza?

Look folks…We know there are really sooooooo many pizza restaurants all over. You’ll see many that I  have written about right here in over the last 10 years espousing the virtues of specific restaurant menu choices. What is different here is that I have never written about a Kosher Pizza restaurant because I simply never found one that I enjoyed as much as this one. Of course much is subjective, however once my readers get to know my taste, it becomes trusted. The main difference between me and restaurant critics….

I write nothing negative about any restaurant. It’s all about my own experience and if it’s good, I’ll tell people about the specific dishes I/we enjoyed.

Simply put:  is all about my food photos…and finds is all about cool places to visit off the beaten path and more effective ways to navigate them for optimum enjoyment,

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Love your blog and your creativity. Keep up fabulous work!!!!

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