It’s Happening! Many Un-Enriched Italian Pastas Are Finally Here!

      phoodographsandfinds July 7th, 2014 segment from The Fancy Food Show...NYC
A quick word about pasta that I feel must be emphasized and was discussed with the many pasta experts we met. There is a flavor and texture that comes from Italian pasta produced for consumption in Italy that simply doesn't exist to the same extent when exported.


Many exported pastas are enriched based on the laws of the country to which they are being exported.
"Enriched Macaroni Product" is what you will see on the packages of most brands of pasta. These enrichment's include niacin, ferrous lactate, thiamine mono nitrate (Vitamin B1), riboflavin and folic acid.

There is no doubt these additions can change the flavor of pasta and a reason we, in the USA, cover our pastas with way too much sauce. We're looking for flavor!
The Italian tradition teaches from a very young age to enjoy the taste of pasta and it's the main reason you don't see heavy sauce applications in Italy.
Their ingredients: durum wheat semolina and water, or as it says on the packages of Fabbri  pasta and Di Martino, semolina di grano duro and acqua.  "Now that's Italian"!

             Bert & Francesca from Pastificio Di Martino / Pic from my July 7th, 2014 Fancy Food Show

These laws are now becoming a bit more relaxed, however if you want the true taste packaged Italian pasta the way it was meant to be, you'll have to do some searching for the products that don't say "enriched macaroni product" on the box. According to some I spoke with at the show, they are coming.
We shall see!

                                                Follow up today, March 12th, 2016

At the NYC Fancy Food Show in 2014, I learned that the pasta manufacturers in Italy were making a push, along with the importers, to get the Un-enriched pastas into the USA.
See July 7th, 2014 Fancy Food Show entry.

For many years, the top names like DeCecco and Barilla were importing enriched pastas...and still do. Most of what you are buying right now in stores is the enriched version.
You now don't have to buy them as the un-enriched pastas from many of the top importers are now here.
Just today I purchased at Uncle Giuseppe's 3 lbs. of Di Martino pasta for 5.00!
The price is right and you should now be making a change to a healthier and more tasty pasta.
It's there. All you have to do is look for it and pay a little bit more.
In some cases, they are actually less $.

Bottom line...Sooooo many other products we buy that are not pastas are enriched with the same vitamins. Although these vitamins individually are good for you in moderation...they become not good for you if  all these other products we buy are 'enriched' the same way!


Today...March, 12th, 2016...and you don't see the words "ENRICHED MACARONI PRODUCT" on these packages!

                                                                         Mangia Baby!

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