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Ultimate Nova Scotia Salmon, Bagel and Cream Cheese at Oscar’s Delicatessen in Westport, Connecticut, USA!

The Stage Deli on 7th Avenue in New York City closed it's doors in November, 2012 after 75 years in business.
I have soooo many memories visiting this venerable "deli" with my grandparents, Henry & Birdie Spitz, when I was a little kid back in the mid 1950's. Thinking back, my grandparents would introduce me to many famous and infamous people and it wouldn't hit me till many years later who I had actually met, including "Meyer" in the 1950's Las Vegas.
Jack Benny, The Ritz Brothers (Harry was the funniest with his jokes & big rolling eyes), and Henny Youngman always stood out.

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Masquerade with a Spritz From Venice, Italy to New York and with an "Eyes Wide Shut" Stop on a Bright Moonlit Night in Miami, Florida


I wasn't to sure how to bring together all the stories you are about to read and at the same time introduce you to a fabulous and relatively new cocktail we discovered recently in Venice, Italy. In the end, however, I  linked them successfully and think you will enjoy the read.
Halloween, or All Saints Eve, is becoming a popular day for costume parties and events all over Italy.
While one of the main holidays in Italy is still All Saints Day on November 1st and All Souls Day of November 2nd, the custom of celebrating Halloween that started in Italy in the early 1990's, is starting to take hold in many Italian cities.When Halloween approaches anywhere, some strange things start to happen.
While traveling to Venice, Italy recently, we saw many people walking the streets in masquerade.

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Phood Phind at Ivana’s Pizzeria…ie Pizza Heaven on Arthur Avenue in "The Beautiful Bronx"


It's strictly timing that brought me to try a slice of pizza at Ivana's. As Sandy & I usually do, we spend half of our day at the any time of year beautiful Botanical Gardens, and then find our way over to Arthur Avenue. The route includes a stop at Teitel Brothers for anything Italian, Addeo's Bakery for heavenly bread...and then onto Borgatti's fresh pasta and ravioli shop. In between and on occasion we run into a surprise or two as we did on this trip.

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