Salvatore & Mr. Smooth at Salvatore's in Port Washington, NY

Salvatores is an old fashion pizza parlor. It is a place for family and friends to come an socialize over a light meal and great music. Salvatores ambiance is reminiscent of a world gone but not forgotten and with pizza pies baked in an authentic “coal stoked” brick oven.
It is a tradition which began in 1929 when Pat and Aunt Carmella Lancieri opened Patsy’s on First Avenue in Harlem, New York. They still use the same family recipe of making pizza today that Uncle Patsy used to make his pizzas famous.
Ask for Kayanne and tell her Mr. Smooth sent you.
Mangia Baby!
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One thought on "Salvatore & Mr. Smooth at Salvatore's in Port Washington, NY"

LMC says:

mr. smooth, mr. peak off peak, i always crave pizza when I read your blog!

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