Kuh Kuh Kuh Katy's Cuh Cuh Cuh Carrot Cake

…but not just any carrot cake.
Katherine Z is the modest baker.  After many moons riding the LIRR with her and her hubbie Jonathan…and after hearing about her carrot cake and baklava (two of her many creations) more than once and not yet tasting it, I decided it was time to finally get that taste. I was hoping deep down inside that she would say “I’ll bring a carrot cake” when I invited her and Jonathan to join me, Sandy and a few friends for dinner at our home. Guess what? She did!
In short…Hype lived up to big time!
I’ll try to get the recipe for one of my upcoming posts. Stay tuned.
Until then…thank you Kuh Kuh Kuh Katy for the time and effort you put into creating your faaaaablous Cuh Cuh Cuh Carrot Cake.
Maybe I’ll see you folks on the train this Thursday.

One thought on "Kuh Kuh Kuh Katy's Cuh Cuh Cuh Carrot Cake"

LC says:

I think she should bring some in for us one morning!!

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