Plain & Simple…The Best Cheesecake

Plain & simple…I wasn’t a true cheesecake fan until I had my first bite of the Original Lindy’s Cheesecake on Broadway and 52nd St. back in the mid 1950’s. The jelly roll…that’s another story.
When Lindy’s went out of business years ago, cheesecake never tasted the same and whatever I tasted afterward tasted like an imitation. Somewhere along the line, I tasted the Carnegie Deli cheesecake and I thought “Hey, this is good…almost like Lindy’s”. Almost. Nevertheless, a strong 2nd best!
It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I found my current fave, D’auito…formerly Baby Watson Cheesecake. This cake reminded me of the flavor and texture of the Famous Lindy’s and I feel good enough to post in on my blog for all of you as the latest “find”!
The place has been there for years and I never knew about it until recently. Where have I been?
Well…Magnolia Bakery in NYC, Billy’s Bakery in NYC and Tartine’s in San Francisco to name just a few more finds.
Either way, famous last words…”Trust me”!

Below are just a few comments from those D’aiuto faithful and one comment proving there’s two sides to every story.

D’aiuto Baby Watson Cheesecake 

405 8th Ave 

(between 30th St & 31st St)

New York, NY 10001

Neighborhoods: Midtown West, Chelsea 

(212) 564-7136

 I’m no expert on cheesecake – basic or New York, so I have nothing to compare this to, but I can tell you that the cheesecake here tastes bloomin’ gorgeous.
However, I bought a slice each for me and my boyfriend – big mistake – after polishing them off we both lay like pythons who’d swallowed a goat and were unable to move for hours. This stuff is insanely sweet and rich and delicious though – just don’t eat too much.  That said…I’m now ready for another slice I think….
Yumeriffic since the roaring 20’s!  We walked all over NYC to find the best cheesecake – D’aiuto’s won it for us!  We really could not have been happier slowing untying our little pasty box and savoring every last bit of cheesecake…  yum yum yum..  We will be back D’aiuto’s!
You won’t find a better cheesecake.  Period.

The service is terrific.  There is nothing that makes me feel warmer on a cold winter evening than being called “Hon”, “Dear,” or “Sweetheart,” by, who has to be the sweetest old lady on the west side.

The cheesecake is fresh and has that perfect homemade taste with a perfect texture on top – not too flaky and not too soft, and a perfect consistency inside.
It just doesn’t get any better than this.  The End.
The cheesecake was unreal, alright. Unreal how Yelpers even gave it anything better than 2 stars. Ugh. What a Yelp-fail.
After having a fantastic cheesecake at Chickalicious, D’aiuto’s was awful. First off, crustless. I didn’t know that until I started eating the cheesecake. Everyone knows graham cracker crust is the best part! Secondly, it was dry and bland. Didn’t taste like anything.
  I do not recommend this place!

Bert”s note: Until I get to Chickalicious (Chickalicious?) right here in NYC, I’ll have to go with D’aiuto’s or Carnegie Deli.
Enjoy……and please feel free to comment.
Remember, It’s more fun NOT to be shy…so…if you have something to say or some place you feel I would enjoy…send it in.


One thought on "Plain & Simple…The Best Cheesecake"

The Wertis says:

I am so glad to know that D'aiuto's is still there! I used to live across the street from it and was in the middle of an images search for Baby Watson when I came across your blog.

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