Phoodographs from The North Fork Tour 2010

Cheryl’s  Best Cherry Tomatoes
Lindy’s Hot Dog Truck
Catapano’s Goat Cheese Goat
Catapano Shop
Pugliese Vineyard
Sherwood House Vineyard
Sherwood House Vineyard Sunset
Briermere Produce
Briermere Farm
Lavender By The Bay
Peconic Herb Farm

White Flower Farmhouse on Peconic Lane
Catapano Dairy Farm

Water’s Crest Winery

Peconic Herb Farm
Peconic Herb Farm Honey Bee
Peconic Herb Farm Cart Corral

One thought on "Phoodographs from The North Fork Tour 2010"

Bert Spitz says:

Not in chronological order..maybe next time!
Cheryl's was a last minute addition…one minute down the road from the Peconic Herb Farm!

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