North Fork Long Island Tour 2010

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Well…It’s nearing the end of summer..however…you still have time over the next few weeks at harvest time to appreciate a maaaavelous culinary, gardening and found objects day tour off the beaten path in and around wine country on the North Fork of Long Island.

Your day trip comes with an optional overnight stay in Wine Country and trust me when I say it’s a fabulous full day…or two!

1st stop…Peconic Herb Farm off exit 71 of the L.I.E. (

2nd stop…Ask for directions to Briermere Farm ( off Route 48 (Sound Avenue)…a quick 15 minute ride through wine country and farm country (watch for deer).

It is between here and your next stop you will find Waters Crest Wines ( in Cutchogue (with no vineyard and in, of all places, a shopping center!) for an inspiring 2009 Dry Reisling. On the same side of the street just 100 feet east is, in my opinion, the best hot dog on wheels. No, they are definitely not all the same. Lindy’s hot dog invokes shades of the now out of business Grace’s Hot Dogs. Trust me…this hot dog is awesome! While you are at it, get 3 hot dogs and a soda for 6 bucks!

3rd stop…Continue east for about 15 minutes on Route48 through wine country and make a right on Peconic Lane. Travel less than 1/4 mile to a few nice “off the beaten path” shops (no clothing).

4th stop…return back to Route 48…go right and head east for ½ mile and see on the left Catapano Goat Cheese Farm (voted the best goat cheese in the USA). Wonderful goats milk soaps and skin products will impress, especially for the price).

5th stop…out of Catapano and continue east for about 30 minutes on Route 48 to Lavender By The Bay ( in East Marion…and a quick little side trip to walk the town of Greenport is an option. The lavender fields are picked in July and August and you can even pick your own, however at this time of year there is still a wonderful selection of fresh lavender products and lavender honey to drizzle over your toasted english muffin with sweet butter.

It’s not hard to find Route 25 West coming out of East Marion or Greenport.. This will be your route home and where you will find the majority of Vineyards.

There are soooo many nice vineyards, thus it would be hard for me to suggest…however, yes, there is always the “however”…I would suggest one humble little winery in Cutchogue with great values by the name of Pugliese.

They have nice whites ( I like the Bella Francesca white and yes and un-unctuous and wonderful Bella Maria rose’). They also produce impressive sparkling wines.

Another vineyard that I feel stands out among ALL of the vineyards…and I’ve seen many of them…is Sherwood House Vineyards in Mattituck. So much more than a vineyard. Check out the website @ .

As I indicated, this is tour can be completed in one day with an early start…however if you choose to tour at a more leisurely pace we suggest you consider an overnight stay at the Shinn estate Vineyards Bed & Breakfast (

That about does it. Call me if you want more info and, oh yeah, one more thing. Going or coming back on the LIE off Exit 61 is Mangia Baby! Enjoy, Bert

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